Safe Finger Foods for Toddlers
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Safe Finger Foods for Toddlers

Toddlers often display picky eating habits. Finger foods are a fun way for toddlers to exert their independence while consuming the nutritional foods they need to stay active. It is important to choose finger foods that are both healthy and safe for toddlers. Many foods may cause choking hazards. Finger foods allow your toddler to continue improving her fine motor skills through grasping and manipulating the food to her mouth.

Soft Vegetables With Dip

Soft vegetables are nutritious and toddler-friendly. Vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers may be served fresh. Hard vegetables such as carrots should be cooked first to prevent choking. Cut the vegetables in fun shapes. Toddlers enjoy dipping foods so a bowl of dip may encourage them to eat the vegetables. Hummus, salsa, salad dressings or yogurt-based dips will add to the taste and appeal of vegetables for toddlers.

Tortilla Roll Ups

Tortillas are versatile ingredients for toddler snacks. A tortilla spread with cream cheese serves as the base for a variety of roll up options. Your toddler can use soft vegetable or fruit pieces to make shapes or faces on the tortilla. Small pieces of cooked meat also work well in a tortilla roll up. After your toddler has added the filling ingredients, help him roll the tortilla into a tube shape. The tortilla roll up will be easy for toddler hands to grasp. The roll up may also be cut into slices if preferred.

Fruit Kabobs

Fruit is often a favorite snack for toddlers. While soft fruits may be offered alone, a fruit kabob is fun presentation option to appeal to toddlers. Cut bite sized pieces of various fruits. Try new fruits such as kiwi, mango or starfruit. Assist your toddler in skewering the fruit pieces. A simple dip made from vanilla yogurt and cinnamon makes the fruit kabobs more interesting to toddlers. Closely supervise toddlers with kabob skewers to prevent injuries.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are easy to slice in a variety of shapes. They are easy for toddler hands to grasp. The soft texture of hard-boiled eggs makes them a safe finger food for toddlers. They are also a good source of protein for a growing toddler.

Toast Strips

A boring piece of toast becomes toddler friendly with small adaptations. Slice a piece of toast into strips perfect for toddler hands. Spread different toppings on each strip or allow your toddler to assist. Cookie cutters can turn toast into fun shapes to attract attention from your toddler. The same techniques may be used on sandwiches for your toddler.


Cheese is often a favorite finger food for toddlers. The cheese section at the supermarket offers cubes, sticks and toddler friendly shapes. A more affordable option is to purchase a block of cheese and cut it into appealing shapes. Older toddlers may enjoy pulling apart string cheese as a snack.

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