Baby Room Ideas for Twins
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Baby Room Ideas for Twins

The first impulse when designing a room for twins is to make everything exactly alike. This can be boring and doesn’t give your babies their own special place to grow and be happy. Here are some ideas that you can incorporate into twins rooms that are creative, whimsical and that stay away from matching color themes.

Night and Day

More than likely, your twins are like night and day. Different eating schedules, different temperaments and other quirks make them individuals. You can make this apparent in their room by creating a night and day theme. Separate the room down the middle. Make one side have a sun motif and the other side have a moon motif. One side can be painted a cheery pastel yellow and one side of the room could be painted a dark blue with white stars. Bedding and decorations are easily found for both themes. Plus, these themes go together visually and make a pun that family members and friends can appreciate.

Boy and Girl Room Painting

If you have fraternal twins, your nursery can reflect their opposite genders. One idea is to paint one side of the room baby blue and paint the other side pastel pink. In the middle, let the two colors blend into a purple, which can be very unisex.

Mother Goose

Another idea is to use a theme that works for both genders. You can use a non-gender specific storybook theme like Mother Goose, for instance. On the boy’s side of the room you could decorate with Little Boy Blue or the Cow Jumped Over the Moon items and murals. On the little girl’s side you could decorate with Little Bo Peep and The Old Woman that Lived in a Shoe items and murals.


Murals can make a baby’s room whimsical. In a twin’s room, murals can make a statement on the double occupancy of the room. For example, flowers can be painted on the walls in twos with one color of flower for one twin girl and another color for the other twin. Two rag dolls sitting among a pile of toys can also be an interesting mural for baby girls. Boy twins could have two little boys sitting side-by-side fishing or playing games in their mural. Two rockets blasting off into a starry sky, two boats sailing on a pond or two frogs sitting on a lily pad would all be good murals for baby boys, as well.

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