Garage Organization Tips
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Garage Organization Tips

The garage often becomes a dumping ground for an assortment of items. The growing pile can be intimidating, but an organizational system in the garage can get the mess under control. Sorting and organizing the items in the garage makes them easy to locate when they are needed. The initial organization process may take a few days, but the end result will be an efficient garage with easy access to all of the stored items.


Start by sorting the items in the garage. Throw away any broken items. Create a pile of items to donate that are no longer useful to your family. Be realistic with your sorting. If you haven’t used an item in the last year, consider parting with it. Once you eliminate the excess, sort the remaining items by function or type. Piles may be created for toys, sporting equipment, tools, holiday decorations and other items. Storing similar items together allows you to locate needed items more easily.

Work Bench

A work bench provides a home for tools and other supplies–as well as a location for small projects. A peg board above the work bench displays hand tools for easy access. A shelf above the peg board will hold jars of nails, screws and other necessities. For more space, attach the lid of a jar to the bottom of the shelf. The jar can be filled with nails. You can easily unscrew the jar from its lid when you need to access the nails. The jar is easily screwed back into place after the job is done. This prevents jars from being knocked off while leaving the shelf open for other items.

Hanging Hooks

Wall hooks work well for large items such as ladders, shovels and rakes. Hooks allow easy access to these items and prevent them from tipping over if placed on the floor. Place the hooks at a height that allows easy removal of the items when needed.

Sporting Equipment

Special racks are available to hold sporting equipment. These racks will keep all sporting equipment together and off the floor. A large, mesh laundry bag with a drawstring works well for balls. The bag conforms to the balls and may be tucked in any available space.

Overhead Storage

Overhead compartments for garage storage are available and can hold many different items. These special storage units make use of the rafter space that is normally wasted space. These compartments are ideal for items that aren’t used frequently.


Shelves make use of wall space and keep items off the floor in case of standing water or spills. Items can be organized on the shelves based on their purpose. Create a special section of shelves for toys so the kids can easily access them. Ready-to-assemble shelving units are available at home improvement stores.


Plastic totes are ideal for storing smaller items because they protect from moisture and dirt. Be sure to clearly label the totes for easy access. Labels written on masking tape with a permanent permanent marker are sufficient. Labeling the shelves will ensure the items make their way back to the appropriate spot after use.

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