Vintage Baby Nursery Ideas
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Vintage Baby Nursery Ideas

Decorating a nursery is one of the most exciting projects to do while waiting for the new baby’s arrival. After cleaning the room and applying a fresh coat of paint, it is time to add the furnishings and decorations. One design idea that comes to mind is to use vintage pieces to decorate the room. You can get them at antique shops, flea markets, estate sales and garage sales. You can also check with your parents and relatives to find out if they have some pieces you can use to give the nursery that nostalgic look.

Vintage Furniture Pieces

Antique cribs

If you decorate in the Victorian style for the other rooms in your house, using Victorian furnishings would work well in the nursery room. Look for quality materials when choosing vintage furniture pieces, especially if your baby will use them. Think about safety, especially when choosing a crib. Some old pieces may not follow the same safety standards applied today to prevent any accidents. There are some woodworkers that can adjust the vintage furnishings to make them comfortable, secure and safe.

Buy from reputable antique dealers if you are planning to buy high-ticket items to make sure that you are getting what you paid for. If you do not have enough money, you may be able to find an old crib from estate sales, garage sales or thrift shops. Make sure to clean the pieces thoroughly and remove any chipping paint. Use sandpaper to make the edges smooth and to remove wood splinters. Apply non-toxic paint or stain to keep the baby safe and healthy.

Vintage Toys

Teddy bear

Toys made of wood and metals are great decorations for a vintage nursery. Put them on a wooden display shelf, on top of the dresser or nightstand. Some examples of vintage toys are wagons, blocks, airplanes, cars and many more. There are also vintage dolls for baby girls made of ceramics. A vintage stuff toy, such as a teddy bear, is also an example of a toy that is an all-time favorite of children. Keep in mind that some vintage pieces may be too delicate to play with and may have some lose pieces that can pose danger for the baby when swallowed. Make sure to check the toys for safety before giving them to your child. It is probably safer just to use vintage toys for decorations rather than for play. Let your child play with modern toys that pass the safety standards to ensure your child’s well-being.

Vintage Clothing

Use vintage baby clothes to decorate your nursery. One of the ways you can incorporate them in your baby’s room is by hanging them on antique fabric-covered hangers, and then hang them on wall hooks. Add a vintage hat or bonnet from the same era to complete the look. If you want to protect the vintage clothing from dirt and dust, use display boxes and then hang them on the wall.

Vintage Wall Art

There are vintage paintings and art pieces that are appropriate for use to decorate a nursery. Hang vintage prints of children, animals and toys on the wall to become the focal point of the room. There are some vintage printed advertisements of baby products that you can hang on the wall above the baby’s dresser or next to the crib. Printed ads used for milk, soaps and baby powders are also great choices.

Vintage Photos

Vintage photograph

If you have baby pictures of your parents, grandparents, great grandparents and other older relatives, use them to decorate the nursery. Nothing is more nostalgic than using actual photographs of families and relatives wearing period pieces. Using these photos can make the nursery more personal, as they show the generations before your baby was born.

Vintage Fabrics


Use lace as curtains similar to those that they use in Victorian homes. They are excellent for filtering light while keeping the nursery bright and airy. Use vintage fabrics to upholster the rocking chair or to make bedding pieces, such as pillowcases, sheets and dust ruffles. Make decorative pillows using vintage fabrics, and embroider your baby’s name or initials on them.

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