Signs of Infidelity in a Marriage
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Signs of Infidelity in a Marriage

All marriages–even the healthiest ones–have their ups and downs. But what happens when your marriage is more down than up or you just have a feeling that something isn’t right? Is it possible that your husband could be having an affair? Learn the warning signs of infidelity. Understand that your husband could exhibit some of these behaviors even if he isn’t cheating, or exhibit none even if he is. These are simply guidelines to help you dig a little deeper into the root of your marital problems.

Admitting That There Is a Problem

If your husband comes to you and says that he’s not in love with you anymore or that he’s not happy, chances are very good that there is another woman in his life. According to some psychologists, this is among the most common warning sign of an affair.

Sudden Change in Appearance

A sudden, positive change in appearance is often an indicator that your husband is at least considering an affair. If he has recently lost weight, dyed the gray out of his hair, updated his wardrobe or started working out, he could be trying to impress somebody else.

Missing Money or Unexplained Charges

If chunks of money are suddenly disappearing from your bank account, or if the balance on your credit card is suddenly rising with no explanation from your husband, you have to wonder what he’s trying to hide. Flowers, gifts and hotel rooms all cost money–money that has to come from somewhere.

Secretive Phone and Internet Activity

Maybe you no longer receive a detailed cell phone bill, or perhaps your husband’s computer is suddenly password protected. Does your husband minimize his browser window or quietly and quickly end a phone call when you walk into a room? He is likely trying to hide something.

Time Unaccounted For

If your husband is spending more and more time at the office, or if simple errands are taking him hours to complete, you may want to look deeper into where he is spending his time. Similarly, if your husband is suddenly taking more business trips than usual, perhaps you should offer to go along on one of them.

A Guilty Conscience

If your husband is struggling with his infidelity, he may subconsciously be trying to make it up to you. An unexpected gift or sudden professions of love could be a warning sign, but only if coupled with some of the other more obvious signs of infidelity.

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