Nanny Job Description
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Nanny Job Description

You think of a nanny and images of Mary Poppins pop into your head. But what does a real nanny do? And what are the roles and responsibilities of this extremely important job? Read on to get the 101 on a nanny job description. When you know the facts, you will have a much easier time finding the ideal person who can meet all your child care requirements.

What Is a Nanny?

A nanny is a professional hired to work in the household caring for children. Nannies can live in or live out of the home and generally work a full 40-hour week.

Child Care Duties

A nanny’s role is to give loving, attentive care to children including playing games, reading books, teaching manners, organizing play dates, bathing and feeding.

Household Duties

Occasionally, in addition to child care, a Nanny will be expected to do light housework including washing clothes, tidying up the children’s room and preparing meals.

Salary and Benefits

An employer usually pays a nanny an hourly rate and works out an overtime rate. In addition, the employer works out payroll taxes, health benefits, and a vacation and sick day policy.

Other Requirements

Every family will have its own set of specific requirements defined in the nanny job description. Some common requirements are:
No smoking
No drinking alcohol
Driver’s license
Ability to swim

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