Home Decorating Themes Husbands Will Love
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Home Decorating Themes Husbands Will Love

Not all husbands are the same, but when it comes to decorating, you can be sure of one thing: as long as he has his own chair and a clear view of the big-screen television, he will be happy. In any home decorating theme consider investing in a large-screen television that can be mounted on the wall, out of reach of the kids. Husbands also appreciate when rooms are clutter-free and the floor is not a toy obstacle course. Invest in multi-use furniture including benches which can be used to store toys and as extra seating. Storage ottomans and tables with space for storage bins can also help coral toys and games.

Log Cabin and Outdoors

Appeal to his love of the outdoors with a log cabin or outdoors decorating theme. Decorate with comfort in mind, as you choose large couches that are made for sitting and napping. Opt for couches and chairs with ottomans so your husband can put his feet up at the end of the day. Stick with a natural palette using colors from outside your home. Take a digital picture and upload it to a color visualizer made for paint colors (see Resources). The paint color tool will help you choose colors not just for paint, but for furnishings, based on the colors in the photo. Consider browns, water blues and forest greens for an outdoor look. A cool palette could include deeper blues, with slate and rock grays, for a more nautical outdoor theme. Add camping style interior lights and a rustic ceiling fan. Designer Philip Nimmo recommends warm, bronze brown when decorating for men.

Fun and Games

Decorate with your husband’s favorite sports team. You do not have to go full bore with football rugs and baseball lanterns; instead, use the colors of the sports team as the basis for decorating. One or two sports-related accessories, including a throw rug, throw pillows or a nicely-framed image of the team would add to the sports decor. Add any regional decor items which match the team’s geography. A gaming theme may be more the way to go for a husband who games as much or more than the kids. Consider using poker tables, dart boards, pool table balls and accessories, surf boards, or fishing nets as decorating accessories. Turquoise-green, a color recommended by interior designer Jamie Drake, will invoke the idea of a pool table, ideal for a gaming theme.

Modern and Minimal

Minimize the number of items and colors used in a room for a modern look. Trade layered curtains, valances and swags, all of which serve to block the view out the window, with wooden blinds or Roman shades. Make furniture choices big and bold and use the smallest number of pieces that you need. Eliminate nick-knacks, kitsch and other dust collectors. The room should be free of clutter, which has a calming effect. Use a simple palette of contrasting colors, including black and white, or silver and black. Add hints of deep blue or red for interest. Or consider a burgundy when decorating for men, as advised by interior designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard. Avoid pastel colors and floral patterns. Use geometric patterns or add one animal print item to the room.

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