Bedroom Ideas for Toddler Boys
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Bedroom Ideas for Toddler Boys

As your little baby morphs into a toddler you will find that his soft, powder blue nursery no longer fits the rambunctious widget’s personality. However, deciding how to update your toddler boy’s bedroom is certainly no easy task. Not only do you want to turn his bedroom into something he will love today, but also something he will love for years to come. These bedroom ideas for toddler boys offer various themed ideas to fit any budget, skill level and taste.

Funny Monsters

Funny monster designs are popping up everywhere; toys, television, bedding, books. While monsters seem like an odd addition to a toddler boy’s bedroom, funny monsters can help prevent your son from ever developing a fear of monsters. Rather than seeing monsters as mean, he will learn that they are silly and friendly. CBS News correspondent and psychologist, Dr. Robin F. Goodman agrees that this type of slow introduction to a fear can be beneficial to toddler boys.

To pull off a funny monsters bedroom design, start by painting each wall a different, bright color; orange, blue, green and yellow make a great combination. Add a few different sizes of Uglydoll plush toys throughout the bedroom. If you are feeling crafty, consider painting a few unique monsters on the wall. Display, “Where the Wild Things Are,” or other monster books in his bookcase and coordinate with bedding, drapes and throw rugs.

Trains, Planes & Automobiles

For a quick and inexpensive update for a toddler boy’s bedroom, it does not get any easier than a transportation themed room. If your son loves planes, mount a model plane from the ceiling and finish with new bedding. For the car enthusiast, it has to be that classic racecar bed. For a lover of trains, mount a train track around the top of the room so your little tyke can always have it running. The best part about this type of design is the fact that it does not require new wall colors and can often be pulled off without buying many accessories.


If your son loves animals and adventure, then a jungle theme should be right up his alley. Start by painting the room a buttery yellow or sky blue. Paint an elaborate tree in one corner of the room that reaches across the ceiling and tall grasses around the base of the room. If you are not much of an artist, take measurements and have a special removable vinyl wall decals made through one of the artists at Now, paint a few corner shelves the same color as the tree and install them in the corner to make the tree appear as a bookshelf. Finally add a few animal touches. A plush monkey or snake hanging from the tree, a large plush tiger in the corner, get creative and have fun. Accessorize with cute bedding, hanging vines or anything else you can fathom.

Hunting Lodge

Hunting lodges can be very fun bedroom ideas for toddler boys. Start by painting the walls a basic beige or tan color. Add a plush deer head mount and faux bear rug. Purchase a real log bed and cover with the traditional flannel sheets and comforter. For more accessories, skip the toy store and visit your local outdoor store. Here you can often find classic hunting lodge style art, furniture and other home décor pieces. You can also stencil a few outdoorsy designs onto the walls; fish, pinecones, deer and moose stencils are all readily available at any craft store.

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