Workouts After Pregnancy
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Workouts After Pregnancy

Working out after pregnancy assists in the loss of baby weight as well as an overall feeling of wellness. New moms often feel uncomfortable with the changes to their bodies after giving birth. The combination of hormones and exhaustion from having a newborn often leave little energy for exercise. Easing into cardiovascular exercise allows your body to adjust and may improve energy levels in a new mom.


Walking is an effective cardiovascular exercise for woman after pregnancy. Walking is ideal because it requires no special equipment and allows you to enjoy fresh air. With a stroller or sling, your new baby easily accompanies you as you work to lose the baby weight. A stroller fitness class may be available in your community, allowing you to exercise while meeting other new moms.


Yoga strengthens the body while increasing energy. Many yoga positions focus on the abdominal muscles, which will help a new mom feel more comfortable about her postpartum stomach. Yoga also focuses on relaxation and provides benefits to the mind, another advantage for new moms who often struggle with emotions after giving birth. Yoga classes offer the opportunity to meet other new moms.

Baby & Mom Exercises

Baby and mom exercise classes allow new moms to bond with their babies while improving fitness. These classes incorporate benefits for the mom and the baby. They may incorporate different types of exercises. Baby and mom exercise classes also offer the chance to interact with new moms.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are not cardiovascular and won’t help lose baby weight. They will strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which will offer benefits to a woman who has recently given birth. Bladder control, especially while sneezing or laughing, may be difficult for a new mom. Strong pelvic floor muscles help with bladder control.


A new mom often wants to regain her figure shortly after giving birth. Use caution in the first six-to-eight weeks after pregnancy. Your body is recovering from the changes of pregnancy and childbirth. Listen to your body as you resume exercising. Check with your doctor or midwife before engaging in strenuous exercise. Ease into a workout routine to avoid injury to your body. Make realistic goals for your workout regimen.

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