Are You in A Sex Rut?
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Are You in A Sex Rut?

When we asked you what you did to get out of your sex rut, we received some wise advice that is definitely worth sharing! There’s nothing better than tried and true sex advice from a reliable source — you! Here’s what you said…

1. A Guy’s Take

One of ModernMom’s guy readers gave some very good advice. He revealed, “whenever my girlfriend and I got in a sex rut, I let her be the dominant one. It can be very sexy when you let her do what she wants. When she’s happy, she’s sexy. We also re-enacted movie scenes from movies like ‘Basic Instinct’ –without the ice pick, of course (LOL)! Spending all day in nothing but each other’s underwear never failed to get us our of our rut. Be inventive. Try new things everyday.” — Don Wallace

2. Date Night

It can’t be said enough – making time to spend together, just the two of you, can reinvigorate your romantic life. “Make time for a date night at least once a month! Once a week is even better. Kiss a little longer each time and really enjoy each other. Hold hands and find time to play and reconnect. When the kids are in bed, make an effort to rediscover the passion!” — Stephanie Jones

3. Bedroom Parties

Discover something new and fun to try in the bedroom, like Linda Conte, who says, “To supplement our income, I started doing at-home “bedroom accessory” parties. I tested lotions, creams, etc. That made our date night awesome!”

4. Shedding the Baby Weight

Confidence in the bedroom is key. These readers say they got back their confidence by shedding the pounds after their pregnancies. “Losing the baby weight and feeling good about my body [got me out of my sex rut],” reveals Pam Belshe Cook – amen to that!
Gretchen Steinkruger agrees: “It took me 17 years to get to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I finally did it and feeling good about myself makes a HUGE difference! You have to make time to care of you first!”

5. Personal Grooming

When YOU feel sexy, then you ARE sexy. Treat yourself to a wax or anything else that will make you feel good about yourself. Christie Downing White advises, “Two words: Brazilian wax.”–Ouch!
An anonymous reader suggested, “Get your hair blown out — men LOVE long straight hair they can run their fingers through.”

6. Lingerie

Our office was buzzing about this one, and some of the moms here swear by sexy lingerie — even the whole stockings and garter getup. Can’t think of any man that wouldn’t love that, and it would most definitely spice things up (after all, who wears anything but comfy PJ’s to bed these days!?)

Now It’s Your Turn!

The basic idea here is: experiment with new things to spice up your sex life. It will surprise your spouse and be the first step to getting out of your sex rut! Can you think of any other good ideas to heat things up in the bedroom?

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