Five Crazy Fun and Cheap Date Ideas
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Five Crazy Fun and Cheap Date Ideas

Going on a date with your spouse is an absolute must when it comes to keeping the romance alive. A day or night activity away from the kids may just leave you feeling like giddy teenagers — imagine that! Don’t think going on a date necessarily means you have to spend a lot of money either — everybody’s on a budget, so here are five great ideas that are super cheap and fun.

Sweating Together

Sweating together is always sexy. Pull on those sneakers, rub on that SPF, and find a scenic hiking trail for the two of you to conquer together. If being together isn’t enough to lighten your mood, those endorphins sure will. Other fun activities to try? How about a game of tennis — a little competition is good for a relationship.

Movie Night

You don’t necessarily have to go out to have a date. A movie at home can be very romantic, but make sure the kids are out of the house! One mom told us that her and her husband had one of their best dates EVER by sending the kids to grandma’s and having the house to themselves all night. Pick a movie the two of you saw when you were dating, or something to bring out some sparks. Pop some popcorn, get cozy and let’s see if you make it through the entire movie (without falling asleep that is).

Romantic Picnic

The beauty of a picnic date is that it is so versatile. You can have a picnic during the day at a park, at night underneath the stars, or even on the carpet at home! Wine and finger foods that you can feed to each other, like fruit or cheese wedges, are a great way to heat up the picnic.

Bubble Bath for Two

Though initially this may sound a little cheesy, a candlelit bubble bath is one of the most sensual activities you two can do together. You can please all your senses by adding soft jazz music, some bubbly, and scented bath oils. If your man is a real guy’s guy, he may not go for this — but you can definitely lure him in with champagne.

Cook Together

Many of you might be thinking: “MY husband cook? Yeah right!” But cooking together can be very sensual, especially depending on what foods you decide to make. Try to make something together that’s new but not too complicated, because it would be too disappointing if the food didn’t come out just right. Crack open a bottle of wine, and have fun following a recipe (or not) while catching up with one another.


It’s important for your love life and your sanity to have some time dedicated solely to spending time with your spouse and remembering that you two really do have sexual chemistry. And with date ideas like these, you won’t break the bank doing it!

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