The Truth About Sex Addicts…Yikes.
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The Truth About Sex Addicts…Yikes.

Sexual addiction is defined obsession with sex that interferes with personal life, relationships or work. It can be described as an abnormally intense preoccupation with sex, and is often associated with risky behaviors and distorted thinking. If someone you know has signs of a sexual addiction, encourage the person to see a health care provider or join a support group to help overcome the addiction.


According to, most people with a sexual addiction deny that they have a problem. They may make excuses, or refuse to acknowledge that their behavior is abnormal. They may say that they are going to stop their behavior, but are unable to actually do so.

Behavioral Signs

People with sexual addictions often seek out people to have affairs or one-night stands with. They may say or intend that they will only have sex with a certain person, but end up sexually interacting with others. They may masturbate excessively, and may be addicted to pornography. Some sex addicts participate in phone sex or cyber sex in lieu of or in addition to having sexual intercourse with others.

Neglecting Other Aspects of Life

People with a sexual addiction may think about or participate in sex so often and with such intensity that it causes them to neglect other aspects of their lives, according to Psych Central. They may spend a large portion of the day looking at pornographic websites, masturbating or seeking out extramarital affairs. They may neglect their health by having unprotected sex, even though they know that it is dangerous.

Illegal Activities

Some people with sexual addictions participate in illegal activities in order to get their fix. Some of these activities, according to, include prostitution (or soliciting prostitutes), stalking or spying on other people, sexually harassing others and, in extreme cases, molesting or raping others.

What To Do

If you suspect someone you know has an addiction problem, the best thing to do is to seek individual or group counseling. If you or your mate feel you may be suffering from the addiction marital counseling is always a good option. As with any addiction, don’t let it go unattended — it can ruin many lives…

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