10 Unique Birthday Ideas for Him
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10 Unique Birthday Ideas for Him

Creating a unique birthday for a man can be difficult. Guys tend to have a firm idea of what they want and need. The problem is, they may not share these ideas with people responsible for planning gifts or parties for their birthday. This is where some thought and research come into play. Use these ideas to create a birthday the man in your life will love.

Surprise in a Car

Create a fun surprise to start off his day by putting his favorite coffee in a travel mug in his car’s cup holder, a to-go bag of his favorite breakfast treat and a sticky note on the steering wheel giving him a cheery “Happy birthday!”

Sports Retreat

If he loves sports, give him his own skybox in the comfort of his living room. Rent or buy him a big screen, tune it to his team’s game, lay out his favorite snacks and let him bask in the action undisturbed.


If his birthday is on a weekend or his day off, blindfold him and whisk him away for a day of fun. Take him to a local sporting event, the fantastic golf course in the next town or an amusement park. Don’t take off the blindfold until you get to the event.

Man’s Night Out

Call up his friends and have them take him on a guys’ night out. Plan the activities for the group, such as renting the local bowling alley and/or setting up a paid tab for them at the pub.

Fantasy Gift

Do you know of a lifelong dream that he’s always wanted to fulfill? Help him make it come true. Buy him a drive-a-race-car package, skydiving lessons or a culinary course, for example.

Phone Blast

Plan a surprise birthday party for him. Then, all day, have guests call your guy to wish him a happy birthday and say they wish they could celebrate with him but that they will be busy. It will make the surprise even better.

Desk Party

Have his co-workers meet at his desk before he gets there. Decorate his desk with party decorations and have a cake sitting in the middle. As soon as he gets to his desk, have the “guests” sing a rousing version of “Happy Birthday.”

Fishing Party

If he loves to fish, rent a party barge from the local marina. Stock it with snacks, cold drinks, fishing supplies and friends for a fisherman’s dream party.

Glory Days Party

Help your man relive his college glory days with beer, a bonfire, tailgates and lots of good friends.

A Pampered Man

When he gets home from work, let him take a shower, then get him into his comfy clothes and direct him to bed. Give him a long back massage. Afterward, give him his favorite snacks, put in one of his favorite movies and cuddle.

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