Beauty Fix: Lengthen Your Eyelashes
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Beauty Fix: Lengthen Your Eyelashes

Long eyelashes can make your eyes look more alluring. Many women dream of having longer eyelashes; however, not everyone is born with them. There are methods that anyone can do to lengthen the eyelashes; although some techniques are easier or less time-consuming to accomplish than others, the results are beautiful longer lashes.

Artificial Method

In order to lengthen the eyelashes you must first choose a method to use. One method makes use of artificial eyelashes, which is probably the quickest method in terms of achieving results. One disadvantage is that you would need to learn and practice the procedure in order to achieve good results.

You can buy fake eyelashes from beauty shops or at the beauty sections of department stores. Choose strip lashes for full coverage or individual or clumped lashes to cover gaps or missing lashes. Choose the correct shade that would match the natural color of your eyelashes to ensure that the finish will look more natural. Use an eyelash adhesive and apply with a small brush on the fake eyelashes’ seams, then connect to the lash line. Avoid gluing directly onto your natural lashes to make it seamless. Trim the lashes to length using brow scissors to blend the length evenly.

Beauty salons offer this type of service if you are in a rush or do not have the patience to learn. This method takes less than an hour to accomplish.

Home Remedies

Another way to lengthen your eyelashes is by applying oil once a day before you go to bed. Use either olive oil or castor oil. Dip a cotton ball in oil, close your eyes and then apply a thin layer on the edges of your lashes. Almond oil is an effective oil and can make your lashes stronger aside from lengthening them. Repeat the method every night and wait for 2 weeks to achieve results.

Vaseline ointment is also another method you can use for strengthening and lengthening your eyelashes. Use a soft toothbrush and spread its bristles. Spread the Vaseline thinly on the toothbrush and then apply on your lashes. Use your fingers to curl your lashes by pushing your lashes upward. You can also use an eyelash curler; hold it in place for 5 to 7 seconds before releasing. Be careful not to pull the curler without lifting from your lashes to prevent injury. You will see the difference in about 2 weeks for thin eyelashes and 4 weeks for thicker lashes.

Commercial Products

Use commercially available products that you can apply on your lashes to help them grow. There are eyelash serums and conditioners that contain mixtures of glycerin, lipids and alcohols. Apply the products as directed, at least twice a day. These products can give you longer and fuller eyelashes in as little as 45 days. See Resources for more details.

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