How to Stimulate Sexual Desire for a Woman
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How to Stimulate Sexual Desire for a Woman

Low sexual desire is a common problem for many women. If ignored the problem may become chronic. Unfortunately, this can become a real problem when a woman with low libido is paired with someone with a higher sex drive. Luckily the problem of low sex drive has been well studied and there are several things any woman can do to stimulate sexual desire. No matter what the cause of low sexual desire, these tips are sure to help get your love life back on track.

Step 1

Eat the right foods to stimulate sexual desire. Dietitian Tanya Zuckerbrot suggests chocolate, zinc-rich foods like oysters, red wine, spicy foods and bananas. These foods get women in the mood through increased blood flow, enhanced pleasure levels and by boosting a woman’s usually low androgen hormone levels.

Step 2

Use a combination of sugar, licorice and cucumber scented candles, oils and air fresheners in the bedroom. A study performed by the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation found that the smell of candy-coated black licorice and cucumber, when combined, increases blood flow to a woman’s genitals, raising sexual desire.

Step 3

Get competitive. Playing competitive games, entering contests and competing in sports can all boost a woman’s testosterone levels. Fear not, you will not sprout a beard or back hair anytime soon. However, even in women, boosted levels of testosterone stimulate sexual desire.

Step 4

Discuss any low libido problems with a therapist. The University of California at Santa Barbara warns that depression, stress, anxiety, previous sexual abuse, relationship problems and certain psychoactive medications can all contribute to a woman’s low sexual desire. Discussing any potential problems or medications with your therapist will rejuvenate sex drive over time.

Step 5

Have fulfilling sex frequently. When a woman orgasms, her brain releases a rush of dopamine that causes great pleasure throughout her body. When a woman goes long stretches of time without experiencing this dopamine pop, she no longer feels the need for it; therefore her sex drive diminishes. Frequent, fulfilling, sexual encounters are the ticket to stimulate sexual desire for a woman.


  • Never eliminate a medication without first discussing the possibilities of alternate treatments with a qualified physician or psychologist.
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