How to Have Soft Hands
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How to Have Soft Hands

Having soft hands can be hard. With the kind of work women often do and the frequency with which they wash their hands, it’s easy for hands to roughen. But you can have soft hands if you’re willing to use consistent approaches to do so.

Step 1

Take preventive care. Avoid things that will make your hands tougher. For instance, tasks in which you constantly rub your hands against other items will create calluses, roughening them and making them less soft. Common examples of this might be women who spend a lot of time in the garden with spades and other garden tools. When doing tasks like these, use gloves at all times to keep from rubbing your hands and creating calluses.
Avoid washing your hands with harsh soaps; purchase natural soap with no harsh chemicals and soap that contains moisturizers so your hands get a dose of moisture every time you wash them.

Step 2

Eat a healthy and nutritious diet. Your diet is just as important to the softness of your skin as avoiding the things that make it rough. Raw foods such as fruits and vegetables that have not been cooked are wonderful for your skin. Foods that contain vitamin E are also great for your skin, as are foods that contain omega acids and fish oil. You can buy caplets that contain omega acids, fish oil and vitamin E. You should have a well-balanced diet containing fruits, vegetables and fiber. Eating correctly can help you keep your skin soft and fresh.

Step 3

Use hand moisturizer every time you wash your hands, do the dishes, take a shower or any time your hands come into contact with soap and water. This helps replace the oils that have been stripped from your skin and will help to keep it clean. Choose lotion that doesn’t have high water content but has higher oil content, such as Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion or Lubriderm Healing Lotion. Keep a travel-sized bottle of lotion in your purse or bag so you can use it after washing your hands in a restaurant, at work and other places.

Step 4

Drink plenty of water. Our bodies are 70 percent water, so without the adequate amount of water, the skin suffers and can become rougher and harder. Drink at least eight glasses (8 oz. each) of water each day. By keeping your body hydrated, your largest organ–the skin–will benefit.

Step 5

Engage in this nighttime treatment. Buy unrefined, pure shea butter, which is very healing and natural. Use latex or plastic gloves and coat your hands with the shea butter. This substance melts when it comes into contact with body heat. Then, place the gloves on your hands and allow them to stay overnight. This helps soften the skin on your hands and keep it soft.

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