How to Stop Breastfeeding
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How to Stop Breastfeeding

Breast-feeding is the absolute best way to feed your baby. When the time comes to wean your baby from your breast, it can be a difficult process. However, with a few tips and tricks and a little persistence, you can get it accomplished. The goal of this article is to explore the tried and true methods for weaning the baby from the breast and stopping your own milk production.

Step 1

Eliminate one feeding at a time. Eliminate one feeding on the day you decide to stop breast-feeding. Rather than breast-feeding your child at lunch or in between lunch and dinner, give him/her a bottle or sippy cup as an alternative. Depending upon the age of your child, you may want to put formula or regular milk into the bottle. Expect your child to cry or become upset because of the routine change, but don’t give in, and allow your child to breast-feed. When your child becomes accustomed to taking the bottle or cup at this time, eliminate another feeding time. Continue to do this until your child is no longer drinking from the breastl.

Step 2

Change feeding areas. When you do this, choose a different area of the house to feed rather than sitting down in your typical nursing spot. Soon, your child will learn the difference between breast-feeding times and bottle- or cup-feeding times. It may help to occupy your child with a cartoon, a book or have your child’s father or another relative talk to and cuddle with your child. Creating a diversion is a good way to slip in the milk that doesn’t belong to mom.

Step 3

Deal with uncomfortable breasts. As you begin weaning your child from the breast, you will most likely feel very uncomfortable. Your breasts may be full and heavy, as well as painful. Express just enough of your breast milk to help you feel more comfortable, but not enough to keep the milk coming in. Your goal is to only relieve the pressure and not trigger your milk to let down.

Step 4

Stop the flow of the breast milk. While weaning babies from the breast, some women naturally stop producing milk easily. Others, however, may have a difficult time of it. You can ask your doctor for medication that will help the process along, or you can try natural methods. One natural method is placing chilled cabbage leaves under your bra against the breast. Replace the cabbage leaves as they warm up with new, chilled ones. This will help stop your breast milk naturally. Another natural method is sage tea. Brew a teaspoon of sage into a cup of tea, and add a little honey to make it bearable. Drink this a few times a day in addition to the cabbage leaves to help your milk stop naturally. Learn more at See Additional Resources for link). Although many women are led to think that stopping breast-feeding is traumatic and horrible, it’s not that bad. With a little patience and support from friends and family, you can stop breast-feeding in no time.


  • Always consult with your pediatrician before you start or stop-breast-feeding a plan.
  • Always make sure that your child is getting enough nourishment besides breast milk before weaning.
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