The Four Seasons Of Motherhood
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The Four Seasons Of Motherhood

Season 1 (aka The Rookie Season)~
You just had your first child and everything is blissfully beautiful. Although you’re only a couple weeks into this new season of life, you can’t possibly imagine what life would be like without your new bundle of pure cuteness, and you can’t fathom the idea of your heart holding any more love. Because everything is new and exciting, you don’t even mind the sleepless nights. Your days and nights are spent examining every inch of your new baby. Your dreams consist of, visions of what adventures your child’s future will hold. However, there is an undeniable fear that looms. You find yourself stressing over sniffles and little coughs, and rushing to the doctor at any sign of a fever or rash. You immediately boil the pacifier if it falls on the ground and you are very selective about who you let hold your baby.

Season 2 (aka The “No, no”, “Don’t touch that” and Never Eat a Hot Meal Again Season)~
You now have a toddler and the word exhausted doesn’t begin to explain how tired you are. Not only can your precious baby walk now, but also she seems to have a personality all of her own. You find yourself toddling behind your unsteady, curious little mini me, in the path of destruction she is creating. Unlike in the first season when others fought over whose turn it was to hold her and were still enthralled by this phenomenon we call baby, you now have to eat cold or reheated meals, and the only time you get a night of uninterrupted sleep is when your child is staying over at the grandparents. Your little dare taker is looking at the world with a new set of eyes. New milestones will be met during this season and new tears shed as you watch your baby grow into a child.

Season 3 (aka The Extracurricular/Team Sports Season)~
Your leisurely, come and go life, as you knew it is now over. From now on your days will consist of schedules that somewhat resemble a circus clown doing a juggling act. You will ooh and aah over your child’s ability to kick the ball and swear that he is the next “big thing”. If you haven’t already, you will soon find yourself behind the wheel of the hippest “soccer mom” van or SUV within your budget, decked out with “Proud Mom of an Honor Roll Student” bumper sticker. You’ll develop an understanding and unique appreciation for America’s favorite pastime, baseball! New friendships will develop with each new sport your child plays, and these new friends will be categorized by; baseball parents, soccer parents, basketball parents, football parents, lacrosse parents, volleyball parents, dance parents, gymnastics parents, cheer parents, etc… Mom- the fun is only beginning!

Season 4 aka (The Teenage/Mom’s So Clueless Season)~
This, my friends may be the hardest and scariest season. Hormones are raging, kids are driving, and moms are gulping box wine in an attempt to calm the nerves. This is a very loud season as well, if your house isn’t filled with booming voices, laughter, whoops, and high fives, it’s slamming doors, fights, broken hearts and tears. You will soon find yourself knee deep in Freshman first and Senior last’s. The middle will be filled with; homecoming dances, proms, senior pictures, graduation announcements, caps & gowns, graduation celebrations, and senior trips. Of course, not to be outdone are the college tours, endless admission applications, acceptance letters and the dreaded denial letters. If you can make it through this season, you can make it through anything! You are one tough mother, just keep telling yourself that!

Bonus Season aka (The Mom’s Not So Clueless After All Season)~
This season begins when your little baby grows up and has babies of her own. The sleepless nights you barely remember become refreshed when you are talking your daughter through the sleepless nights of her first-born. You will surely remember the struggles of your first few years of marriage while giving, sometimes-unsolicited advice to the newlyweds. You’ll remember the dearly missed noise of children when your grandchildren go home after a visit. Your vacations and or retirement will be planned around their game schedules and dance recitals. It’s during this season of your life that your child finally comes to the conclusion that Mom knew what she was talking about all along!

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