How to Find the Right Foundation
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How to Find the Right Foundation

Choosing the right foundation is imperative if you’re hoping to have beautiful looking skin underneath your makeup. Foundation helps your skin look flawless by covering up imperfections in your skin color, tone or texture. The right foundation should blend into your skin seamlessly, matching your skin tone and your skin type. With the right foundation, your skin will look natural and healthy and it will radiate with a subtle glow.


Look at the color. Women of most skin types look best in a foundation that has a yellow base. To be sure you’ve chosen the right color, swipe the foundation across your jaw line. If the line seems to disappear, you’ve chosen the right color. If you’re concerned that the color blends so well with your skin that it won’t cover imperfections, test it over any skin discolorations on your face.


Consider the coverage capabilities. Different texture provide different amounts of coverage. If your goal is to minimize the redness of your skin, a tinted moisturizing foundation is best. If you’re trying to fill in wrinkles or hide skin discolorations, a cream or solid foundation is best.


Select a finish. Foundations most commonly come in matte or sheer. Matte foundation finishes give a polished, made-up look. They are perfect for evening or formal events or for skin that needs lots of coverage. Sheer foundations are light and have translucent pigments, so they don’t cover the skin color but even out any differences in it. Sheer finishes are great for young women or for everyday use.


Check for added benefits. Some foundations now come with SPF for sun protection or built-in moisturizers. Purchasing a dual acting foundation can save you time and money.


If you look like you are wearing a mask, you’ve chosen the wrong foundation. Your foundation should look natural.

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