Do-It-Yourself Baby Shower Favor Ideas
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Do-It-Yourself Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Whether the budget is small or you simply want to put a personal stamp on the shower, homemade favors offer a variety of distinct options. Soaps, candles and potpourri favors are a common sight at baby showers. Departing from the traditional homemade baby favors leaves the guest in awe of the attractive and useful favors. Even those who aren’t crafty by nature can create fun baby shower favors.


Individual pouches of microwave popcorn offer a fun baby shower favor. Leave the pouches in the plastic wrapper to keep the popcorn fresh. Cut a piece of decorative paper to wrap around each popcorn pouch, taping it at the back to hold it in place. A cute saying about the mom-to-be getting ready to “pop” connects the popcorn favor to the baby shower. Ribbons, stickers and other fun embellishments finish off the decorative sleeves for the popcorn pouches.

Flower Pots

Small terra-cotta pots painted to fit the theme of the party make a fitting baby shower favor, especially for a spring or summer shower. Paint each pot the same pattern or use different patterns for each one. Add a packet of seeds or a flower bulb to the pot. Gardening gloves or garden tools round out the garden-themed favors. Another option is to fill each pot with a bag of candy.

Cinnamon Rolls

Bake up a fresh batch of cinnamon rolls for a delicious favor for the baby shower. Wrap the individual cinnamon rolls in cellophane tied with ribbon. Another option is to purchase individual cake boxes for each cinnamon roll. Tie a ribbon around the box for decoration. Make a label or card that says “Bun in the oven” along with a thank-you message for the guests.

Baby Bottle Favors

Inexpensive baby bottles make a fitting container for baby shower favors. Fill them with candy and tie a ribbon around the neck for a simple do-it-yourself favor. Another option is to make homemade bath salts or sugar scrubs to place in the bottles. To create bath salt, mix together 1 cup of Epsom or sea salt, 2 tablespoons of baking soda and a few drops of essential oils in any scent. If you prefer to make sugar scrub, mix one cup of white granulated sugar, 1/2 cup of olive oil and a few drops of essential oils. Add a label identifying the contents and tie a decorative ribbon around the top.

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