How to Know If a Man Is Honest
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How to Know If a Man Is Honest

Honesty is an important quality in any person, particularly a man who you are considering having a relationship with. It is very hard to know immediately whether or not a person is honest and trustworthy. There are no hard and fast guides to go by.Often, you have to rely on your intuition and hope you are making the best decision. There is one way to determine if a man is honest and that is to learn the signs of dishonesty.

Step 1

Pay attention to your man in public and watch his reactions when he is wrong. Romance Passion and Love suggests that one of the top signs that a person is being dishonest is their inability to maintain eye contact, being distracted, changing their story when questioned, and being unwilling to compromise. On the other hand, an honest man is more focused, consistent and able to accept that his view or argument on any given subject might not be the correct answer. An honest man is able to realize that there is more than one point to a subject.

A dishonest person is more apt to continue to argue their point and embellish in order to make themselves appear to be the correct one. If this happens you should begin to doubt his honesty or at least be on guard for more lies.

Step 2

Listen closely to their discussions. According to Lindsay Moran, a former CIA officer, people who lie often lack detail in their stories. Liars don’t have time to put their stories together with great detail because they aren’t true. Listen to what the man says when he describes his past.Listen for details and make a mental note of anything you find that he leaves out.

Watch his body language. Follow up any stories he tells you with questions and watch his body language as he answers them. If he starts sweating or acts fidgety he is most likely not telling the truth and you should be way of his words.

Step 3

Look at his posture. Typically, according to the Wisdom Journal, an honest person will have better posture than someone who fabricates. This is likely due their lack of self confidence in what they are saying.

Listen to the tone of their voice. People who tell lies often have a distinct rise in pitch when they are telling untruths. Listen to not only their tone but also to their pace of speech. If they are honest their speech will remain consistent, however, if they are telling lies they will have noticeable change of pace in their speech, either faster or slower than normal.

Step 4

Examine their life. If your guy is honest, his life will be more or less of an open book. Perhaps not everything will be wide open for the world to see but it will not be filled with gaps and holes that you have to question. Finding out if a man is honest is not the easiest of tasks but it can be accomplished if you watch for the signs of lying.

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