How to Be Friends With a Guy
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How to Be Friends With a Guy

Women are friends with each other and men have their guys that they hang with. However, many women have male friends and the relationship is truly platonic. In fact, they will often tell you that they feel more like siblings than friends. On the other hand, these friends often wind up having a brief romantic encounter which fails and in turn destroys the friendship. So, how do you be friends with a guy and keep it platonic?

Step 1

Go out in groups. In order to be friends with a guy and nothing more than friends, CosmoGirl offers some easy to follow steps to prevent any mishaps from occurring such as going out in groups. Going out in groups keeps people from assuming you are a couple. It also keeps you available should a hot guy attract your attention, being in a group allows you to flirt.

CosmoGirl’s advice also includes being careful showing your guy friend affection. Woman are naturally more affectionate than men and if you aren’t careful those innocent hugs and kisses on the cheek might have him thinking there’s more going on than there is. Save your affectionate pats and hugs for your boyfriend.

Step 2

Be considerate of your partner’s feelings. If you are involved in a relationship and for the sake of future relationships it is important that you keep their feelings in the forefront. Relationships-Affairs points out that time spent with your guy friend can be seen as competition to your current boyfriend or spouse. Also, they advise against purchasing them expensive gifts. Also, never allow your guy friend to put down your current boyfriend or spouse; he might be looking for a way to get in as the new boyfriend. Your partner should never feel threatened or worried by your guy friend. Try to include your partner in some of your activities, your guy friend and your partner might get to be good friends and you can have the best of both worlds.

Step 3

Go home. It’s that simple. Never sleep over at a guy friend’s house. At the Web site Afternoon Cocktails you will find this advice listed as an important factor in keeping a platonic friendship. Sleeping over at your guy friend’s house can be tricky, most likely he won’t have an extra bed and you will either crash on his couch or attempt to share his bed with no romance. Anyone who has ever tried this will tell you that it is not easy. One or both of you will be wondering what the other is thinking and what it would be like “just one time”. Best advice, go home and don’t bring the temptation into the friendship unless you are ready to cross that line and not go back.

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