How to Tell a Guy to Get Lost
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How to Tell a Guy to Get Lost

Ending a relationship is a difficult thing to do, even when you know it’s the best thing for you and ultimately for him too. The only time telling a guy to get lost is easy is when you catch him cheating on you, then it’s as easy as saying good morning. But how do you tell a guy to get lost when it is simply a matter of the feelings not being mutually strong. Part of you will struggle, not wanting to hurt him while the other part of you will want to get it over with and fast. Hopefully, these steps will help you tell him to get lost in the easiest way possible.

Step 1

Write a letter, not to him but to yourself. Outline all the reasons you want to tell him to get lost and explain them in detail. This letter will serve as your bouncing board to remind you why you are telling him to get lost. Keep it in your purse if necessary to remind yourself why you are doing it and to not let yourself get weak and question yourself.

Step 2

Keep it short and simple. This is one of the top tips given by sites that offer advice on this kind of thing. Keeping it short and simple gives him less time to react and try to talk you out of it and also keeps you from faltering in your words and backing out mid-sentence. Don’t offer apologies or what-ifs; simply state your reason, whatever it might be, and stick to your decision.

Step 3

Use humor, most guys respond to humor and even if at first he thinks you are joking, he will catch on quickly. Budugully Design offers over a hundred humorous ways to tell a guy to get lost. Try the old magic 8 ball trick, the popular older toy that you could ask questions, shake and have it reveal your future. Purchase one and tell your boyfriend you asked it if you should break up and it said yes. This should give him a huge hint. This and other funny get lost lines are sure to get the message across.

Step 4

Be firm in your decision. Women are all too easily sweet-talked into changing their minds and staying in a relationship that is unhealthy or that they are simply not happy being involved in. Once you decide to tell him, whatever you method you use should be your final communication. Don’t keep answering his calls, letters or emails; make the break clean and simple. Sure, it will hurt for a little while, but all breakups do, even if they are your decision. Time heals all wounds and it will heal yours too. So, tell that guy to get lost and get on with your life.

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