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How to Know When a Guy Is Flirting

You know you like him. You’re sending him every signal possible, but is he flirting back or just being nice? Did he really mean to touch your shoulder, or was it a passing bump? The dating world can be frustrating enough without having to decipher signals so you can decide whether to pursue he relationship. Recognize when a guy actually is flirting.

Step 1

Read body language. Everyone makes unconscious gestures when flirting. For example, watch his eyebrows when you first make contact. If if they rise and fall quickly, it’s a sign he is attracted to you. Another universal flirtation sign, even among animals, is subconscious preening. If a guy straightens his jeans or runs a hand through his hair, he is making sure he looks good for you.

Step 2

Notice when and how he touches you. Men who are flirting often find excuses to touch you. They might bump into you accidentally or pretend to remove something from your blouse or jacket. According to Effective Communicating, he might come up with one-line excuses, such as he wanted to feel the material on your blouse because it looked so soft. The bottom line is that he wants to be near you and touch you; he is showing that he is attracted to you. However, flirting and groping are two different things, so be wary of any man who is brazen enough to grab you during your initial meeting.

Step 3

Look for his smile. Christian Dating Service lists smiling as the No. 1 sign of flirting. When a guy smiles at you, it is a sign that he is happy to see you and be in your company. Likewise, if you catch a guy looking at you often and making eye contact, he wants to get to know you. However, there are different types of eye contact. Shy guys will sneak a peek at you; they are too shy to approach and often will turn red if caught looking at you. A guy who has confidence won’t mind if you catch him looking. He is bold and likes making eye contact. Both guys are flirting; the shy one is not sure what to do next, but the bold one is ready to make his move.

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