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10 Ways to Catch a Cheating Husband

Gary Neuman, marriage counselor and author of “The Truth About Cheating: Why Men Stray and What You Can Do yo Prevent It,” claims that 93 percent of men will never admit they have cheated without provocation. This means, if you are trying to catch your cheating husband, you will have to dig for the truth.

Check the Mail

If you are the first one to check the mail every day, you will see every out-of-place cell phone or credit card bill that may point to infidelity.

Monitor the Phone

When your husband is distracted, scan his cell phone for mysterious names, text messages and voice mails. This tactic is one of the most common ways a man gets caught in his lies.

Check the Computer

Use a spy device to read his emails, instant messages and chat room ramblings. If this is going a little far for you, check the computer’s history and search for any suspicious websites. Dating sites and singles’ chat rooms should raise a red flag.

Track Spending

Adultery comes at a price–and not just an emotional one. Mysterious amounts of money missing without explanation may be a sign that your man is treating another woman to lunch while you are busy at work. Check bills and bank statements for detailed information.

Set a Trap

If you suspect your husband is using the Internet to get his thrills, try creating a sexy account on a website your husband frequents. Seek him out with some serious flirting, and you will know his intentions instantly.

Make Your Bed

If you think your husband is bringing women home for a jaunt in your bed, try making the bed every morning in a special way. Fold the sheets in a different way or place the pillows just so. When your bed has been rearranged, this is a clear sign that someone has been rolling in the sheets while you were gone.

Check-in Randomly

Come home early one day or bring your husband a nice lunch at work to catch him off-guard as often as possible. Not only will this increase your chances of catching your husband in a lie, it may also improve your relationship if he is not cheating. It’s a win-win.

Watch Behavior

Showering the second he gets home, suddenly wanting to do his own laundry or simply refusing sex. If your guy seems to be changing his behavior, there is reason to be suspicious.

Check the Car

Check under the seat of his car for condom wrappers or little love notes. While you are there, slip a tracking device on his GPS unit and find out if any motels have made it into his commute.


While most men will not say they had an affair, there is a chance that if questioned, the truth will come out. Even if he denies any wrongdoing, you may be able to tear apart the little lies to get down to the truth.

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