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Map His Erogenous Zones

Learning your lover’s erogenous zones can heat things up in the bedroom. While some of those special spots are quite obvious, others may surprise you. Once you know the areas that make him tingle, you’ll find it easier than ever to turn him on. Finding them is sure to be fun and will make an excellent addition to any romantic evening. He might even take a hint and try the same on you sometime soon.

Step 1

Create a relaxed, romantic and sensual environment. Light candles, pour two glasses of wine or sparkling cider, and find a comfortable space to relax, either on your bed or a makeshift bed in the living room. Keep a fun and playful attitude as you explore his erogenous zones.

Step 2

Start at the top. Kiss him, exploring his reactions to licking, sucking and nibbling on his lips. Trace your way slowly from his lips to his ears and neck. Try different levels of pressure, ranging from lightly breathing on his skin to hard biting depending upon his preferences and responses.

Step 3

Have him turn over and massage his back. Scratch lightly with your nails and gently rub massage oil into his skin. Apply more pressure to areas that feel tight or strained. Trace your tongue down his spine from the nape of the neck to the tailbone. Observe his responses as you do this; you will know which spots are intense ones for him.

Step 4

Explore sensitive areas on your lover’s chest. Kiss along his collarbone, then lick, suck or gently nip at his nipples. Trail kisses slowly down his stomach. Look for ticklish spots along his ribs or sides, but only if he enjoys being tickled.

Step 5

Slide down his body, then work your way up from his knees to his groin. Draw patterns on the inside of his thighs with your nails or trail kisses up his inner thigh. Take time to explore his penis and scrotum. Find the most sensitive spots, often the head of the penis or just below. Watch his body language, but also just ask. Consider asking him to masturbate in front of you to watch the areas of his penis on which he focuses.

Step 6

Talk to your man about his comfort level with anal exploration. Start by gently massaging or applying pressure to the perineum, or area between the scrotum and anus. Fondle gently during foreplay or apply firm pressure just before orgasm. Try gently running your fingers over the anal area if he is comfortable. Explore anal penetration if he is comfortable, using plenty of lubricant. Bend your inserted finger forward, toward his penis, feeling for the prostate, a firm, sensitive area inside the rectum. Apply firm pressure to the prostate, particularly as he nears orgasm.


  • Listen to your partner and stop if he seems uncomfortable. Be sure he is comfortable with anything you might be doing as you explore his erogenous zones.
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