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The Best Children’s Magazines

Aside from books, reading magazines can help children improve their reading skills and expound their horizons by learning new things. Using magazines as additional academic references can also help improve a child’s school grades. According to the Parents’ Choice website, magazines should not be overlooked, because they deliver well-designed learning treasures.

“National Geographic Little Kids”

Ranked number one by Parents’ Choice, the “National Geographic Little Kids” is a magazine for children three to six years old. It features activities and games that children can enjoy. Furthermore, “National Geographic Little Kids” use quality photographs to show and illustrate the articles, games and activities. Children can use the tear-out cards as reference guides.

Each issue contains information about nature, animals and science packed with activities, questions and answers. This magazine is easy to handle by young hands and the text formatting used is age-appropriate. As of 2010, the subscription rate for National Geographic Little Kids was $15 per year, which includes six issues.


Second on the list of suitable publications by Parents’ Choice is a magazine called “Kiki,” designed for girls eight years and older. The editorial mission for “Kiki” is to help young girls develop a sense of style that is a true reflection of their personalities, develop self-confidence and be comfortable in their own skins. Simply put, this magazine is for girls with style and substance.

The magazine features well-written editorial pages with impeccable accompanying visuals to show the steps on how to make fashionable items, such as designing a hat or wearing vintage clothing. What makes “Kiki” one of the best magazines for children is its use of girls of different ethnicity, shapes and sizes. The girls pictured are girls that the readers can easily relate to. The magazine also features “Kiki Care,” which features topics and advice on friendships, relationships, struggles and other issues that girls this age are experiencing. As of 2010, the subscription rate for Kiki was $26 for four issues.

“Your Big Backyard”

Garnering the third spot on the Parents’ Choice’s list is a magazine intended for children, from 3 to 7, who are interested in animals, nature, the outdoors and wildlife. “Your Big Backyard” inspires young children to appreciate nature with its balanced mix of information and activities. The information suits the targeted audience and includes excellent illustrations and photos. The magazine also provides learning opportunities that extend beyond the printed page through the games and activities presented in “My Little Book” and “Family Fun Guide” sections. As of 2010, the subscription price for Your Big Backyard was $19.95 for 10 issues.

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