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What Are the Causes of Temporary Impotence?

Temporary impotence is a common problem. In fact, nearly every man has occasional problems attaining or maintaining an erection. Unfortunately, many women take a man’s impotence personally. In reality, there are many reasons a man experiences temporary impotence and it more than likely has nothing to do with his feelings for you.


The National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse estimates that nearly 70 percent of all cases of erectile dysfunction are the result of a disease. Any neurological or vascular disease, like diabetes or heart disease, can cause impotence. If he has not been diagnosed with any neurological or vascular disease but you suspect he may have a problem, it is probably best to see a doctor. If you can eliminate or alleviate the disease, impotence will likely cease to be a problem.


Many medications have the ability to cause temporary impotence. Medications to cure depression, ulcers, high blood pressure and insomnia are all likely culprits. If you fear that a pill may be getting between you and your man, it may benefit you both to learn the side effects of any medications he is taking. Talk to your doctor about possible options with fewer side effects to get your sex life back in gear.


Alcohol, cigarettes and illicit drugs can all cause occasional or temporary impotence. Narcotics can alter the way the body functions to include slower blood flow, blood vessel contraction or reduced sensitivity, any of which can cause problems in the bedroom. Try asking your beau to set down the wine tonight to see if it helps his problem.

Stress and Psychology

Despite what many men want to believe, guys can be just as sensitive as women. When a man is feeling stressed out, angry or worthless in the bedroom, he may not be able to perform. Additionally, the University of Virginia Health System warns that, depression or performance anxiety may also cause problems between the sheets. This little funk he is in should pass soon, but a little conversation couldn’t hurt.


Sometimes, even for the most virile man, sex can become like a chore. This is especially true if you are trying to get pregnant. While daily sex may be a dream for many, regimented sex makes things lose that spark. The University of Maryland Medical Center warns that this sort of laborious sex can cause a man to go limp. Try to keep things fun and unexpected to cure his temporary impotence today.

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