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Handmade Personalized Baby Gifts

It is common to see personalized baby items on sale on baby stores and the Internet. Although they are quite charming, they are also very common due to mass production. If you prefer to give a gift that is different and does not seem like an after-thought, then a handmade personalized gift is the right choice for you.

Monogrammed Blankets

Make a receiving blanket for covering the changing table or for swaddling (wrapping/carrying) the baby. They should measure at least 36 inches square to be big enough to hold a baby.

Woven cotton, chenille, Egyptian cotton, pima cotton, fleece and microfiber are some examples of fabric to use when making baby blankets. Adding satin trims or edges can give the piece a more finished look, and many babies enjoy the feel of satin.

If you cannot sew, purchase a ready-made plain baby blanket instead, and then apply the monogram yourself. This makes the process easier while still producing a partially handmade gift. Crochet or knit baby blankets if you have the talent to do so.

Embroidering or using iron-on transfers that you can buy from craft stores are just two of the methods to create the monogram using the baby’s initials. You might also cut out the baby’s initials from felt-type cloth, and then sew them onto the blanket. When crocheting or knitting, you might incorporate the monogram into the design by using a different color of yarn to create the monogram.

Handcrafted Photo Album

A binder, a pair of scissors, glue, assorted colored paper, decorative accessories and colored pencils are some of the basic materials needed to complete a personalized, handcrafted photo album.

Much of the creativity will be on the album cover. Cut different shapes to create a collage that will cover the entire album so that it does not look like a plain binder. Shapes of assorted animals, flowers, stars, planets, moon and sun are some examples of shapes that you can use.

Adding glitters, beads and ribbons will accessorize the photo album and make it pop. Use the colored pencils to write the baby’s name or initials and the baby’s date of birth to add personalization. Covering the album with plastic sleeves will protect it from any damage. Finally, adding photo sleeves available at craft or photo stores completes this project.

Music CD and DVD Montage

Download baby music from the Internet, then save it in your computer. Record your own voice while singing or playing an original piece if you have the talent for singing or playing an instrument. Transfer and save your recorded voice into your computer and compile the songs on a CD along with the music you downloaded.

Create a photo montage or video music that will include the baby’s parents during pregnancy until the mom’s full term. Adding the ultrasound pictures and some baby photos will show the baby from womb to birth.

Use a copy of the baby’s first picture taken after birth and print it on glossy paper to use as the cover of the CD or DVD. Opting for an online service if you do not have your own photo- or video-editing software is an economical way to complete this project.

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