The Best Daycare Software
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The Best Daycare Software

Tech-savvy day-care owners are ditching the paper, pens and binders and embracing day-care software to help them manage their businesses. As a day-care owner, you undoubtedly understand the importance of coming up with organized processes for keeping track of students, finances and other essential data that helps you run the day-to-day and long-term activities of your day-care center. Day-care software ensures that information is readily available for owners.

Jackrabbit Care

Jackrabbit Care is Web-based management software that allows day-care owners to manage student records, teachers and instructors and classrooms. The software can be integrated into a center’s current website, allowing parents to register online for services through a paperless process. The system can also manage billing and incoming payments.

Childcare Sage

Childcare Sage offers a day-care center and home day-care edition of its software. The software allows owners to keep track of records, schedules, attendance, billing, payroll (only offered with the day-care center software), appointments and USDA meal counts and menu planning. Home day-care providers can use the software to keep track of up to 15 student records, while the software available to centers holds records for an unlimited number of students. All data are protected with a built-in back-up system, and owners can create up to four passwords for access. Owners or managers can carry day-care data in their phones using Childcare Sage’s Pocket PC PDA technology.


EZ-Care2’s professional day-care management offers a simplified approach to tracking enrollment, scheduling and attendance. The software offers automatic billing, user-friendly reports and a host of forms that owners and managers can use for their businesses. This software stands out from competitors with its TimeClock technology that gives owners, staff, parents and students an organized, automated way to check in each morning. Owners can choose from fingerprint-operated, touch screen, remote data terminal or key fob reader systems for checking students in and out and for opening and closing the center’s front door. The software and training options are highly customizable, so you can purchase the features that make the most sense for your business.

ProCare Software

ProCare Software is touted as the nation’s No. 1-selling child-care management software. This child-care management and day-care software is used in more than 25,000 child-centered businesses. ProCare provides personalized solutions, allowing day-care owners to select the options they need for their businesses and omit others. The system offers accounting, family data management, tuition management, meal and attendance trackers and payroll.

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