How to Use Fragrance Oil in an Oil Burner
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How to Use Fragrance Oil in an Oil Burner

Oil burners are one small and inexpensive luxury item that no mom should be without. Aromatherapy can help elevate your mood and help you relax after a long day of work, chasing after kids or both. Just one oil burner produces a soft scent throughout the house. Much more versatile than a scented candle, an oil burner allows you to choose from a selection of scents to create an ambiance of your choosing throughout the house.

Step 1

Choose a scent that you enjoy and will help you create the mood you need. According to the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), lavender aids in relaxation, lemon relaxes while uplifting your mood and chamomile and sage both relax and treat insomnia.

Step 2

Add water and several drops of scented oil to the bowl on top of the burner. You will need to fill the bowl half to three-quarters to the top with water. Mix in about three to five drops of oil. Adjust this mixture to make the scent stronger or more subtle, depending on your preference. Only make minor adjustments, such as adding one more drop. If the oil gets too strong, it can cause sinus and throat irritation.

Step 3

Light the candle in the bottom of the burner after placing the burner in a safe location. Do not put the burner near drapes or other flammable material or within reach of children.


  • Do not leave the oil burner unattended when in use. It poses a fire hazard.

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