Healthy Snacks During Pregnancy
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Healthy Snacks During Pregnancy

Many women see eating for two as the perfect opportunity to down candy bars and chips. While these tasty snacks will commonly appease your appetite, they are not the healthiest option for your growing bundle of joy. Make all the food you eat during your pregnancy count by selecting healthy snacking options that are good for both you and baby.


Veggies are good for you and your growing tot. When hunger strikes, snack on celery sticks, baby carrots or grape tomatoes. These vegetables all offer healthful nutrients that will keep you and baby in tip top shape. To increase the likelihood that you grab healthy snacks, wash them and place them in pre-portioned containers in the fridge so that they are convenient and you have no excuse not to grab them.


Fruits are healthy and tasty. Because fruits are sweet, you may even be able to satiate your sweet tooth. Keep bananas on hand as these potassium powerhouses are quick and easy to eat. Also wash up some strawberries and store them in baggies so that you can grab them on the go. Purchase pre-sliced apples and munch on them throughout your day. For a real treat, stick some washed grapes in the freezer, turning them into a cool and refreshing, ice cream-esque treat.

Whole Wheat Foods

Pregnant moms should nibble on whole wheat treats whenever they can, reports the Food Standards Agency. Whole wheat foods provide moms-to-be with added fiber and a host of other valuable nutrients. Snack on a whole wheat bagel with light cream cheese, or enjoy a whole wheat pita filled with hummus. These snacks are more filling than most, so they will likely stick with you a bit longer.


Soup is a flavorful and hearty snack option. Most soups feature vegetables and protein-rich meats, making them as nutritious as they are delicious. Buy some ready-to-serve canned soup, and portion it out into small, snack-size quantities, or buy the small microwave-friendly containers for added convenience. When selecting soup, look for options that are lower in sodium, because excessive sodium isn’t good for you or your baby and can even lead to more morning sickness.


While a drink may not seem like a snack, sipping away throughout the day will keep your belly full and reduce your hunger. Drink as much water as possible. Partake in refreshing glasses of milk, as the calcium and protein will do both your bodies good. Try a warm option, like ginger tea which will fill and sooth your tummy, helping to squelch morning sickness, reports the Virginia Department of Health.

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