How to Not Get Tan Lines in Tanning Beds
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How to Not Get Tan Lines in Tanning Beds

A tan can make you appear slimmer. Using a tanning bed will help you to avoid the tan lines that you’ll get when you are out at the beach. Even though you may be completely nude, there’s still a chance that you could get tan lines in the tanning bed if you happen to be in the wrong position. If you want an even tan all over, you need to take the steps necessary to avoid tan lines from a tanning bed.

Step 1

Expose your full body to the tanning bed. It’s best to be naked when you are in the tanning bed, but if you are not comfortable with that, you can purchase a tan-through swimsuit, which allows ultraviolet (UV) rays to penetrate the fabric.

Step 2

Apply tanning lotion evenly over your body. Using a tanning lotion will prevent burning. You must make sure to apply it evenly. This may mean asking a close friend to help you or using a spay lotion that you can use to reach those hard-to-reach areas.

Step 3

Use a stand-up tanning bed, if it’s available. In a stand-up tanning bed, overhead bars are available so that you can comfortably lift your arms. This allows you to tan the undersides of your arms.

Step 4

Lie in the Superman position, which means you’ll be on your stomach with your arms overhead. This exposes parts of your arms that wouldn’t normally be exposed to the lights.

Step 5

Move around when you’re in the tanning bed. You shouldn’t remain in one place too long. Instead, move from one side to the other and from your back to your front. This ensures that you expose all your body to the lights.


  • The American Cancer Society states that using tanning beds may increase your risk of cancer.

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