What Are the Treatments for Nausea During Pregnancy?
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What Are the Treatments for Nausea During Pregnancy?

One of pregnancy’s unfortunate realities is nausea and vomiting, especially during the first trimester. While medical experts with organizations, such as the Mayo Clinic, can’t quite explain why so many moms-to-be suffer nausea, they do recommend a number of potential remedies for morning sickness. Also remember that, as your pregnancy progresses, your nausea and any vomiting also tend to subside.

Eat More Frequently

This suggestion may seem laughable when you’re dealing with nausea, but the Mayo Clinic notes that an empty stomach can trigger nausea in pregnant women. Eating small, frequent meals of healthy food may well be one of your tickets out of nausea and any associated vomiting. Avoiding high-fat foods, especially those from fast food eateries, may also help prevent nausea.

Oral Treatments

Consider trying powdered ginger as a treatment for pregnancy-related nausea. The Mayo Clinic recommends using about 1 gram in several doses over a 24-hour period. Some women suffering from nausea may find relief after using lemon-drop candies; other women may need to stop taking supplements that have a high amount of iron in the pills until they feel better.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated can help prevent nausea. Some liquids may help treat this condition once it begins, according to the March of Dimes. Ginger ale and lemon-lime sodas are tried-and-true classics for upset stomach and can be used to combat nausea. You should also drink plenty of water and 100 percent fruit juice during the day; sipping not gulping is usually the best idea for pregnant women. Carrying around a small bottle of non-caffeinated clear soda, juice or water is a good idea.

Change Your Morning Routine

You may need to slightly change your morning routine slightly if nausea becomes a problem, according to the March of Dimes. Get out of bed more slowly. Sudden movements may create nausea and outright morning sickness. Sitting on the side of your bed for a few minutes before standing is usually a good idea. Also, eat a few crackers or a small meal soon after waking even if you feel nauseated.

Call Your Doctor

Some cases of nausea, especially with vomiting that doesn’t stop, require a doctor’s treatment. You should not take any kind of medication to treat pregnancy side effects without talking to your doctor, according to the Mayo Clinic. Nausea and vomiting that just doesn’t go away may indicate the potentially serious condition hyperemesis gravidarum; this could put both you and your baby at risk especially if you start losing weight due to your nausea.

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