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Tips on Growing Out Damaged Hair

Your hair may be your crowning beauty, but sometimes your crown looks and feels more like a briar patch. This is especially true if you damaged your hair by using harsh chemical treatments or spend plenty of time in the swimming pool or outdoors in the elements. Damaged hair can appear dry, brittle and lifeless. Although salon treatments can help make your hair appear healthier, the best way to get rid of damaged hair is to grow it out, allowing your natural, healthy hair to replace the injured growth.

Turn Down the Heat

Because your damaged hair is more susceptible to injury, protecting it while it grows requires special care during styling. Limit your use of thermal tools, such as blow dryers, curling irons and straightening implements. Gently towel dry your damp hair, squeezing excess moisture from the strands. Don’t twist or buff your damaged hair. If you don’t have time to allow your hair to dry naturally, use a thermal protection spray on your damp hair and set your dryer on a low temperature.

Hydrate Your Brittle Hair

A hot oil treatment can infuse your locks with moisture for a while. Purchase a hot oil treatment from your local beauty supply outlet or drug store. Apply the hot oil treatment according to the label directions. Allow the treatment plenty of time to absorb. Remove the hot oil with a gentle shampoo. Repeat this treatment once every week or two to keep your hair looking healthy while you grow out the damaged ends.

Rinse With Vinegar

A useful ingredient in your kitchen, vinegar can also play a role in keeping your damaged hair under control while it grows. If you suffer from dandruff, massage a little vinegar into your scalp prior to shampooing. Smooth your brittle hair with a vinegar rinse. Simply apply about one tablespoon of vinegar to your hair during the final rinse.

Eat for the Health of Your Hair

Like other cells in your body, new hair growth relies on the nutrients you eat. Eat a well-balanced diet. Include protein-rich foods in your diet, such as chicken, nuts and fish. Because hair takes time to grow out, think of healthy dietary changes as an investment in the future health of your hair.

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