Tips to Calm Frizzy Hair
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Tips to Calm Frizzy Hair

Frizz is the ultimate buzz kill for any woman who is trying to get ready for an event or to head out to work. It stops you in your tracks and begs you to tame it when the weather is too humid or the forecast is cloudy. Whether you have straight hair or curly hair, and regardless of the texture, understanding how to calm frizzy hair can save you time and stress as you care for your hair.

See Your Stylist for a Trim

Regular hair trims can help cut down on the frizz, so if you haven’t had a hair trim in months, make an appointment with your stylist to get rid of any split ends. Have your hair trimmed at least every six to eight weeks for maximum results.

Reduce the Frizz with Less Shampoo

As exhilarating as it feels to grab the shampoo and wash your hair after a long night out, it can bring out the frizz in your hair. Try shampooing twice a week to avoid drying out your hair.

Go Deep and Nourish

Treat your hair to a deep-conditioning treatment once a week to help strengthen your tresses. Deep-conditioning treatments help combat frizz and leave hair softer and more manageable. The “Glamour Magazine” website suggests selecting a treatment with keratin and applying it to damp, freshly shampooed hair.

Blot, Don’t Dry

As routine as it is to take the towel and rub it through your tresses after a wash, resist the temptation. Instead, blot your hair. Blotting cuts down on the frizz and helps to prevent frizz.

Leave-In Conditioner

Apply leave-in conditioner before you blow dry and style your hair. It can help calm the frizz by adding moisture to dull, dry hair. Select a leave-in conditioner with protein and silicone.

Apply Frizz-Control Serum

If there is one styling product you need in your beauty arsenal to combat frizz, it is a frizz-control serum. Smooth on your hair after washing it or on your way out the door in the morning. Check the ingredients and find a product with a silicone-base.

Invest in a Diffuser

If your current blow-dry didn’t come equipped with a diffuser attachment, take a trip to your local beauty supply store and pick one up in time for your next hair wash. The “Marie Claire Magazine” website suggests using a diffuser while blow drying to cut down on the frizz. Blow-dry your hair until it is 90 percent dry; let the rest air dry. The diffuser attachment helps to smooth the hair and give your hair a healthy, frizz-free look.

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