Tips on Natural Thick Healthy Hair
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Tips on Natural Thick Healthy Hair

Often, your hair is the first thing people notice about your looks. Your lifestyle, including the many products and tools you use to style your hair, can damage your locks. Even if you decide to forgo harsh chemicals in favor of a natural look, you may find that your hair looks limp and lifeless. Even thick hair can suffer from inadequate care. Naturally, healthy hair requires special care to keep it looking thick and performing its best.

Gentle Drying

Like many women who want to keep their hair looking natural, you may have sworn off heating implements, such as your blow-dryer, to avoid damage from overheating the hair shafts. Keeping your hair natural and healthy doesn’t rule out the use of these electronic devices as long as you practice caution when using them. Don’t pull or brush your wet hair. Remove the excess moisture from your dripping hair with a microfiber towel. According to Allure Magazine, these towels cause less damage than terry cloth ones. If time allows, let your hair dry naturally. Otherwise, spray your towel-dried hair with a heat-protective spray before using your dryer on a low setting.

Proper Washing

Use a gentle shampoo to keep your hair looking clean and natural. Select a pH-balanced one formulated for your type of hair. Although a harsh shampoo may pull natural moisture from your hair, a gentle shampoo removes dirt and pollution without stripping your hair of its natural oils. Keep your thick hair manageable by selecting a shampoo formulated for use on thick hair. Rinse out your shampoo with plenty of cool water, until no suds remain.

Listen to Your Grandmother

When it comes to natural hair beauty, your grandmother’s brushing technique may be the answer. Daily brushing can remove dirt and particles from your thick hair. Repeated brushing also stimulates the circulation in your scalp, encouraging the production of natural oils and distributing them through the hair strands.

Bump Up the Shine

Natural highlights can make your hair look healthy. Use a little chamomile oil or lemon oil to brighten your hair without using harsh chemicals. Mix equal amounts of these essential oils or extracts with jojoba oil. Sprinkle a few drops onto your brush, and gently distribute over your damp, clean hair. Go outdoors and let the sunlight dry your hair, while gently adding highlights.

Tame Your Thick Tresses

Although many women dream of having thick hair, you may struggle with finding the right style. Avoid hairstyles that fall between your chin and ears. This length can cause thick hair to appear puffy. Choose a style that includes a few layers near the ends. According to Ladies’ Home Journal, this type of style can give your thick hair movement and swing.

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