Nair Hair Removal Tips
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Nair Hair Removal Tips

Nair is a popular brand of depilatory cream that can be used for facial and general body hair removal and comes recommended by publications such as “Marie Claire Magazine.” The Mayo Clinic notes that depilatory creams like Nair break down the hair’s protein structure so the unwanted hair can simply be wiped or washed off the treated area. You can employ several tips to make the most out of your Nair hair-removal process, whether you plan to get rid of leg hair or unwanted upper lip hair.

Use the Right Product

Nair produces a variety of depilatory formulas designed for facial, leg, underarm and bikini hair removal, according to the manufacturer’s website. Be sure to use the right cream for the corresponding body part.

Avoid Certain Areas of the Body

You can’t go totally bare with Nair; none of the products are safe to use inside the buttocks or genitals. You can use certain types of Nair for the bikini area, but you must not try to apply it to nearby sensitive areas such as the labia. You also should not apply this to the insides of your nose, near the eyes or the nipples; if Nair gets into any of these sensitive areas, wash it out and consult with a qualified medical professional.

Patch Test Before Plunging Ahead

Some people are allergic to the chemicals in depilatory creams, according to the Mayo Clinic. Thus, the Nair manufacturer recommends that you do a patch test before going ahead with the complete hair removal process. Generally, you should perform such tests on harder-to-see areas of your skin such as the upper arm or behind your ear. Wait at least 24 hours to ensure you don’t suffer an allergic reaction; then you can proceed with the full Nair process.

Wait if You Are Sunburned

If you’ve recently spent too much time out in the sun and have a sunburn or similar redness, wait to use Nair. The manufacturer strongly advises users not to apply even the milder forms of Nair on inflamed, broken or otherwise damaged skin.

Pat the Skin Dry

Once you have carefully followed the instructions and are ready to wash off the cream, be sure to pat the skin dry rather than rub it. You may also want to avoid applying deodorants or similar products to the treated area after apply Nair to it, according to the manufacturer’s website.

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