Top Hair Loss Products
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Top Hair Loss Products

Losing part or all your hair is a medical condition called alopecia, according to MedlinePlus. Whatever term is used for this type of hair loss or female pattern balding, the result may be unwanted embarrassment and even lower self-esteem, in some cases. Everyone loses about 100 hairs a day, but excessive hair loss might need a doctor’s attention. However, some products designed to combat hair loss in women do not require a doctor’s prescription. Whether you choose to try one prescription or an over-the-counter (OTC) top product recommended by medical institutions like the Mayo Clinic, keep in mind that it may not work as you had hoped.


Anthralin, marketed as Dithro-Scalp, is a top product for hair loss in women, according to the Mayo Clinic. However, this topical treatment requires a doctor’s prescription. Women who suffer from psoriasis may also find anthralin treatment useful. The ointment resembles a black tar-like substance; sometimes, anthralin is also prescribed in a cream form. The treatment must be applied to the entire scalp twice daily. The user then washes off the cream or ointment. The aim of anthralin is to promote new hair growth, but if this process is to work it often takes at least 12 weeks.


Minoxidil, best known as the brand Rogaine, is another top product that can potentially promote hair growth in women with alopecia, according to the Mayo Clinic. This cream is available OTC and has special formulations just for women. Users can select from a 2 percent or 5 percent minoxidil remedy, depending upon the severity of hair loss. However, Rogaine carries some risk of unpleasant side effects, including scalp dryness and irritation. It usually takes at least 12 weeks for minoxidil to take effect. Some women may not experience any hair regrowth with Rogaine. Also, users tend to see hair regrowth disappear once they stop the treatment, according to “Essence Magazine.”

Biotin Supplements

Biotin, which is comprised of water-soluble B vitamins, can potentially help boost hair growth in women, according to MedlinePlus and “Essence Magazine.” Women who take 2.5 milligrams (mg) biotin each day may notice hair regrowth, said Beverly Hills dermatologist Lori Hobbs in an interview with “Essence Magazine.” It usually takes about three to six months to see results and may not work in people who don’t have nutritional deficiencies. “Essence Magazine” recommends women looking to try this option to select a brand like Elon Matrix 5000 or Appearex.

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