Is There a Vitamin Supplement That Really Helps Hair Loss?
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Is There a Vitamin Supplement That Really Helps Hair Loss?

In some cases of unwanted female hair loss, sometimes vitamins and topical treatment can spark hair regrowth, according to “Essence Magazine.” The Mayo Clinic recommends that women take a daily multivitamin, regardless of their hair status to promote good health and beauty at any age. However, adding the specific blends of vitamins, known as biotin, can help reverse hair loss.


Biotin is comprised of the water-soluble B vitamins, according to MedlinePlus. However, this compound is usually sold under a number of brand names; “Essence Magazine” recommends Elon Matrix 5000 or Appearex.


Women who suffered from pattern balding and faithfully take a daily biotin vitamin supplement can experience hair regrowth, according to “Essence Magazine.” However, like almost any other medical or beauty treatment, biotin is not guaranteed to combat every case of premature hair loss.

Expert Insight

Beverly Hills dermatologist Lori Hobbs, during an interview in “Essence Magazine” noted that biotin supplements truly have helped some women combat premature hair loss. The treatment, in theory, promotes the growth of essential nutrients in the body which can then boost regrowth of those lost tresses.

Time Frame and Dosing

If you take biotin every day, you might notice hair regrowth in about three to six months, according to “Essence Magazine. Hobbs recommends a daily dose of 2.5 milligrams per day.

Side Effects

The Mayo Clinic notes that no one taking 10mg or less of biotin has suffered from adverse side effects. MedlinePlus concurs with that statement, noting that actually it is far more dangerous for women to suffer from biotin deficiency than to take moderate doses of the supplements.


Some women should not take biotin, according to MedlinePlus. These vitamins can interact with anti-seizure medications, antibiotics and prescription acne remedies, such as Accutane. However, pregnant moms often suffer from biotin deficiency and can usually safely take such supplements.

Alternative Treatments

If biotin and daily multivitamins don’t work, you might need to venture beyond using supplements to combat female pattern balding, according to “Essence Magazine.” The over-the-counter topical treatment Rogaine for Women has helped some women regrow their hair. However, Rogaine, as well as most topical prescription remedies, can cause scalp irritation and dryness.

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