Limousine Parties for Kids
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Limousine Parties for Kids

Nobody loves riding in a limousine more than kids do, according to the Families website’s contributor Robert Coats. Coats should know, because he is a limousine driver who experiences first-hand the joy children have in what is usually their first limousine ride. If you are planning a child’s birthday party away from your home, you might want to consider renting a limousine to get the children there. You will give your child a memorable birthday if you do.


For budgeting purposes, the two most important considerations for mom and dad are how many children you will invite and how long the party will last. This is what determines the cost of the limo. The more you invite and the longer the party, the more it will cost you, says Coats. Renting a specialty limo, such as a Hummer or an SUV, instead of the standard stretch limo, will be more expensive.

Where to Go

You can choose to have the limo pick up the children at their homes, or they can come to your house and wait for the limo to arrive. If you already have a party destination planned, such as a bowling or a roller-skating party, you would have the limousine take you there. Another option is for the limousine ride to be the party. You can do that, but a two-hour ride in a car, even if it is a limo, can be a bit much. Even if your destination is a fast food restaurant, that is OK. It’s best to have a destination if you are having a limo party, according to Coats. Being seen getting out of the limo is also part of the fun.

How to Rent a Limo

If you want a six-passenger limo, it will generally cost you around $150 for two hours, including a tip for the driver, as of 2010, according to Coats. Prices vary greatly among companies, particularly in metropolitan areas. So, it’s best to call around for the best price. When you call, ask the company what their back-up plan is in case of trouble, if they have ever done a children’s party before and, if so, what tips can they give you to make the party more fun, suggests the Celebrations website.


Ask the limo company if you and the kids can decorate the limo before going out in it. If so, the kids can put on magnetic stickers, window decals and car flags. Inside the limo, you can provide some throw pillows.

What to Bring

All limos have CD players, according to Coats. Have the kids bring some tunes they want to hear during the ride. If going to a restaurant is not part of the party, stock the limo with food. You can bring snack food or even pizza. Bring sodas, water and juices, too.

Rock Star

Since your kids will be riding in a limo, it might be fun to have them play the part. Provide VIP necklaces, temporary tattoos and sunglasses, suggests the Celebrations website.

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