Hairstyles to Do at Home for Kids
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Hairstyles to Do at Home for Kids

Parents often find it challenging to take their kids to hair salons. You know how difficult it already is to keep your kid still while you style her hair at home; it’s even more difficult when a stranger is doing it. In addition, a visit to the hair salon can be costly, especially if you maintain your kid’s hairstyle on a regular basis. Fortunately, certain hairstyles can be created by you at home that will look great on your kids.


A ponytail hairstyle is as familiar as ice cream, and it is always in style. Choose a ponytail style that will suit your little girl’s hair length and texture. If she has short hair, creating a ponytail to gather her hair on her crown and then tying it with ribbon or hair band will create a fountain effect. Use your fingers to separate the stands of hair in the ponytail to make the fountain effect more prominent.

For medium and long hair, try gathering and pulling up your little girl’s hair to the back of her head, using a wide-toothed comb. Tie it using elastic band, a bow or a barrette. Applying bobby pins on loose strands of hair will keep the finished look neat and clean.

Create two ponytails for a girl with thick, wavy hair. Part her hair at the center and tie each side separately. Make bunny tails or pigtails by shaping each tail into a bun by inserting each tail of the ponytail into the elastic band. Tying another elastic band around the newly created buns will tighten the hold and keep them in place.


A braid is one way to tame wayward or frizzy hair. It is also one of the best ways to style thick, textured and kinky hair. It is ideal for medium length and long hair. Braiding does not only work for girls, but it also works for boys with similar types of hair.

Create a basic braid by parting the hair in 2-inch sections; part each section in two to three even smaller sections. Weave the small sections together to create the braids. Use small elastic ties or colorful hair bands to tie each braid at the end.


Add curls to your little girl’s hair by using rollers or curling iron. Spritz her hair with water and add styling mousse. Brushing will help remove tangles and knots. Separating hair in different 2-inch sections will ensure even distribution of curls throughout. Wind hair around the 1-inch curling iron and hold it for 10 to 15 seconds before releasing from the curling iron. Spray with medium hold spray to keep the curls in place. Curling a girl’s hair will give it more volume.

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