How to Make Friends After a Divorce
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How to Make Friends After a Divorce

After a divorce, you may feel lonely and need the support of some good friends. Unfortunately, you may have lost some of your friends during the divorce, especially if they were his friends or the wives of his friends. What you need is a fresh perspective and a fresh set of friends. Making new friends can be difficult later in life, but it isn’t impossible. You simply have to make a conscious effort to get out there and be social.

Step 1

Join a support group for people going through a divorce. There are others who are in the same boat that you’re in. Through a support group, you can meet other people looking for new friends.

Step 2

Ask a co-worker to do something outside of work. Your workplace may offer many potential new friends. You’ve already gotten to know them in a professional setting, so try to get to know them in a personal setting as well. One way to do this is to approach someone who has a hobby that you’d like to start. For example, if you know that one co-worker goes for hikes every weekend, ask if you could tag along.

Step 3

Invite your kids’ friends–and their mothers–over for a play date. Even though they may still be coupled, parents of other kids have something in common with you. Host a play date, and let the mommies share coffee and cookies in the kitchen while the kids play.

Step 4

Try a new activity. You won’t make friends after your divorce by sitting around your home moping. You need to get out and do something. Use to find events in your area and connect with people who might have the same interests as you.

Step 5

Meet the friends of friends. Widening your social circle is easy when you do it in a group. If you have a few friends already, ask to be included in group activities. This can give you the opportunity to meet a lot more people.


  • Avoid talking excessively about your divorce with your new friends. This could make you seem like a downer, and people may not want to be friends with you.

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