Craft Ideas for a Sports Birthday Party
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Craft Ideas for a Sports Birthday Party

For little partiers on the go, a sports theme is a high-energy idea for a birthday party. Fill the event with a few craft projects to keep curious hands busy and to get the guests involved in the plan for the day. You can use these crafts throughout the event and let kids take them home to remember the fun they had.


After supplies, the most important ingredient to your sports crafting is a good set of coaches. Coaches can be you and your partner, a few parents and friends or a handful of family members. They should now how to make the craft and what the end product will look like. They will encourage the kids to get creative and put together the craft that will serve its function within the party.

Team Spirit

If you are breaking the kids into teams to play the party games, encourage sportsmanship and excitement by letting them create some team spirit. Ask older kids to come up with team names and colors. For younger kids, assign a simple color, such as red or blue, and help with the naming of the team, such as the Red Rockets. Give the kids poster board or card stock to create spirited signs to cheer on their teams.

Work For It

Sports crafts serve to fill in time gaps in the party to limit boredom. Instead of having all the games set up for the kids, require them to make some elements of the activity. For instance, if they are playing golf, have them create the flags at each hole. This will slow down the momentum of the party enough to give you a chance to prepare snacks or clean-up between events.

Sports Star

Kids love to be the center of attention, even when they are at someone else’s party. Give each child a moment in the lime light with a craft dedicated to them. Take each child’s picture on his way into the party. Ask one of your coaching helpers to print each picture. Let your child create a trading card with his picture, some stickers and some stats about himself. Have your helper copy, print and cut out these cards and drop them into the goodie bags. Each child can go home with a stack of trading cards of his friends.


Bringing boys and girls together in a sports theme can sometimes be challenging. If your girl guests would rather paint their nails than punt a ball, give them the job of being cheerleaders for either or both teams. They can create posters and hold signs encouraging their favorite team to victory.

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