Natural Ways to Increase Sex Drive
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Natural Ways to Increase Sex Drive

Many women experience lulls in their sex drive, which is medically referred to as loss of libido. According to Patricia Koch, Ph.D., at Pennsylvania State University and adjunct professor of human sexuality at Widener University, 33 to 67 percent of women report loss of sex drive to some degree. While the first step should be to consult your physician to rule out medical causes, there are several ways you can increase your sex drive without resorting to medications. Many women experience dips in their sex drive during and after both pregnancy and menopause, due to hormonal changes; a long or severe illness can also cause your sex drive to decrease.

Physical Changes

Make sure you get enough of the basics. Your body needs a good diet, plenty of exercise and at least eight hours of sleep. The Mayo Clinic states that many women lose interest in sex because they’re doing too much. They are taking care of children, home and husband. In addition to that, many are coupled with full or part time jobs that leave no time for adequate nutrition and other physical needs. Most women experience fluctuations in their libido throughout their lives, depending on their personal situations.

Implementing Kegel exercises into your physical routine can boost your sexual pleasure, which can, in turn, increase your sex drive. Kegel exercises condition the pubococcygeal muscles that go from your pubic bone to your tail bone; by toning them you will be able to condition your vagina. Kegel exercises are also recommended for Overactive Bladder Syndrome, which, like loose vaginal muscles, are a common after-effect of giving birth.

Lifestyle Changes

Take time to pamper yourself, whether it’s a bubble bath, pedicure, a leisurely lunch or an evening out. Stress can be an underlying cause of low sex drive, whether it’s coming from family expectations, work or your financial situation. Often, women who are multitasking will utilize every minute of their day, and the time allocated to their personal well being is the first to go. Learn to unwind and get in tune with your body, and your sex drive will have a chance to rejuvenate. Even if it’s only a half-hour curled up with a silly romance novel, leisure time will boost your self-esteem and bring your life back in balance, which will, in turn, help boost your sex drive.

Relationship Changes

Talk to your partner about your lack of sex drive. Make it clear that you are not trying to blame them. By having open conversations about your emotional and physical feeling and needs, you can open the door to a deeper relationship. Don’t be afraid to try different positions and places. Consider spicing up your love life with massages, clothing and toys. Make sure to leave enough time in your lives to enjoy each other physically so that sex doesn’t become just another routine in your relationship. If you are experiencing vaginal dryness, consider venturing beyond your pharmacy and experiment with the vast array of creams and oils that are available. Plan a date for dinner, a night at a motel or a weekend getaway to put the romance back into your relationship.

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