How to Make a Birthday Party in a Box
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How to Make a Birthday Party in a Box

Put together a birthday-in-a-box if you want all of your birthday party supplies in one easy-to-remember location. Gathering all the decorations, supplies, games and favors can be time consuming, so keep everything together to save yourself time and avoid misplacing anything you’ll need for the party. Having an entire box put together that contains everything you need for the birthday party also helps if the party will be held somewhere else, such as the park, a rented hall or a relative’s home.

Step 1

Choose a box that’s large enough to accommodate all the party supplies. Decorate the box if it will be present at the party, such as at a park. Simple wrapping paper, scrapbook paper or construction paper that complements the birthday party theme will work. Use a generic “happy birthday” pattern if you plan to use the box for future birthday parties as well.

Step 2

Collect all the decorations you plan to use. Include a tablecloth, streamers, balloons, banners, centerpieces, confetti an anything else you want to use. Add party hats if you want your guests to wear them; particularly themed hats, such as cowboy hats for a western-themed birthday party. Add scissors, tape, ribbon or other supplies that are necessary to put up the decorations. Birthday candles, a cake service kit, a lighter or matches should also be included.

Step 3

Put enough paper products and cutlery in the box for the size of your party. It’s a good idea to include extras in case of accidents. Choose products that complement your party theme. For example, a sports-themed birthday party could use soccer ball-themed paper plates, napkins and black cutlery. A princess party could use pink plates, napkins and cutlery.

Step 4

Pack your party games and entertainment. For example, a battery-operated radio could be included if the party is being held at a park for background noise or games, such as “Musical Chairs” or “Freeze Dance.” A pinata, crafts or other games could also be included. Try to find theme-related games and activities, but include a variety so that if the party guests don’t care for a particular activity, you can move on to the next one.

Step 5

Include any party favor goody bags and game prizes. Opt for theme-related gifts, wrapping paper and bags if possible. Solid-colored gift bags work as well if the color complements the theme. For example, a farm-themed birthday party could use black-and-white spotted bags that look like a cow.


  • Secure the box so that little ones can’t get into it, particularly if there are scissors, matches or lighters inside.
  • Include a small first aid kit, particularly if the party is being held outdoors where accidents are prone to happen.

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