How to Increase Your Sex Drive During Pregnancy
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How to Increase Your Sex Drive During Pregnancy

Your sex drive is apt to experience a number of highs and lows during the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, according to the Kids Health website. Plenty of myths abound that can cause any expecting mom’s libido to plummet, such as that sex is potentially dangerous for an unborn baby. Unless your doctor has told you specifically that you are at a heightened risk of miscarriage, you can enjoy sex while expecting. Keeping a confident attitude about your changing body and making a few changes are essential toward naturally increasing your sex drive.

Step 1
Talk openly with your partner about your sexual feelings. Sometimes, women and men believe that sex is not acceptable during pregnancy. If you believe you are unattractive or think your partner is disgusted with your growing body, then you will have a difficult time increasing your sex drive.

Step 2
Experiment with kissing, cuddling, mutual masturbation and sensual massage to get that mood flowing. Rushing sex is never good, but during pregnancy this practice can really reduce your libido. Be sure you are both feeling sensual and in the mood before you have intercourse.

Step 3
Take your prenatal vitamins regularly. Not only are these important for your baby’s health, but they can also improve your sex drive.

Step 4
Perform Kegel exercises regularly; you contract your pelvic muscles like you’re stopping urine midstream. The American Pregnancy Association notes that not only can Kegels help you have an easier labor, but they also can increase sexual pleasure.

Do not eat any raw fish or meat while pregnant, which some claim are a great way for both women and men to increase their libido. Eating any raw food can potentially harm you and your baby, according to the March of Dimes.

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