How to Attract Men After a Divorce
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How to Attract Men After a Divorce

It’s natural to be a little apprehensive about returning to the dating scene after a divorce. Meeting new people can seem intimidating, and you’re likely still regaining your emotion freedom after the divorce. Take it slow. Don’t let any amount of pressure from friends and family and friends force you into dating. When you are ready, you can attract quality men after going through a divorce.

Step 1

Start with a positive attitude and outlook on your new journey into dating. Men are attracted to women who exude confidence. Put the struggles you faced in your divorce behind you.

Step 2

Seek the support of your friends and family. They are likely to be excited to set you up with their friends, once you announce you are dating again. More importantly, they can offer support and advice along the way.

Step 3

Consider your children and how they will react to you dating again. Explain to your child that you are ready to meet a possible companion. Be prepared to answer any questions he may have regarding how dating will affect the amount of time you spend at home, how you will interact with his dad and whether he’ll get to meet your new beau. Set healthy boundaries that you and your children are comfortable with.

Step 4

Decide whether you’re looking for someone to build a long-term relationship with, or if you’re looking to date casually. Make a mental list of the qualities you find desirable in a potential date.

Step 5

Treat yourself to a full makeover to help boost your confidence. Take a trip to the salon and get a new hair cut, add some color and get a manicure and pedicure. Work with a makeup artist to determine which colors best suit your skin tone and what’s hot for the season.

Step 6

Upgrade your wardrobe with key items you can wear on dates. A pair of fitted jeans, wrap dresses and sexy shoes can add to your new look.

Step 7

Get out and enjoy yourself. Dancing at a club, dinner with friends, brunch with a co-worker or an afternoon trip to the museum alone are all places you may meet a potential suitor. Keep your eyes alert and remember to make eye contact and smile. Don’t be afraid to say, “Hi.”

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