Cool Hairstyles for Boys
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Cool Hairstyles for Boys

Boys who love attention like to look cool. It is no different whether they are young or in their teens. One of the ways they can look cool is by wearing cool hairstyles. Help your boy choose the hairstyle that goes with his personality so that he can pull off the cool look without a hitch.

Spiky Hairstyle

Add visual interest to your boy’s hair by choosing a spiky hairstyle. This style will work well on little boys and older pre-teens with any type of hair except curly hair. Coarse or textured hair needs more work to create the spikes. To achieve the look, tell the hairstylist to cut it above the neck level. Keep his ears exposed by cutting around and behind them. The hairstylist may use a clipper or razor to thin some parts of the hair, leaving the top area with at least 1 inch, which the hairstylist can spike with pinking shears. Adding gel or styling mousse while pulling up the top hair with fingers can help keep the spikes up.

Side-Sweep Hairstyle

Make your little boy look cool when he sweeps his hair with his fingers to one side. A side-sweep hairstyle is ideal for a boy with soft hair so that he can easily manipulate his hair to stay on one side. Accomplish this hairstyle with any length; however, make sure to leave enough hair at the front so that he can part it on either side of his head. Allowing some hair to cover the forehead will make this hairstyle look even cooler. Use brush and some gel or styling mousse to help train the hair to one side and form the side-sweep. As time passes, he may no longer need to use gel or mousse to keep his hair on one side. The side-sweep hairstyle is ideal for pre-teens and teens.

Emo Hair

An emo (originated from the word “emotion”) hairstyle is ideal for older boys or teenagers with black or dark brown hair. It is a form of self-expression. Cut the hair in punk style with asymmetric layers, more prominently toward the front, to create bangs parted on one side. Keep the fringes (bangs) long, but only partly covering the face to allow one eye to peek through partially. Apply mousse or hair gel with fingers while pulling the spikes out in different directions. Dyeing portions of the hair with blue, purple, red or white hair dyes to create streaks will add visual interest. Often, boys donning emo hairstyles also often wear black eyeliner to define their eyes better and complement their dark hair.

Shaggy Hair

Choose a shaggy hairstyle for pre-teens and teenagers who have wavy hair. Cut the ends in jagged cuts to sharpen the edges. Layering the top will give this hairstyle its disheveled look. Radical bangs help frame the top of the face. Adding color highlights will make this hairstyle cooler. Styling with mousse or gel is optional.

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