Latest Hairstyles for Short Hair
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Latest Hairstyles for Short Hair

If you have had enough of your long hair, why not chop your locks? Short hairstyles are fresh, cool and carefree. New trendy choices are available to suit every type of hair that can complement almost any type of facial shape and features. Pick one for yourself, and save time in front of the mirror.

Short Edgy Hairstyle

A short edgy hairstyle combines punk and inverted bob hairstyles. The edginess comes from layers of locks created at the top and back of the hair to create soft spikes. Side-sweeping the long bangs to one side gives this hairstyle added sex appeal. Reality show star Kate Gosselin donned a short edgy hairstyle during a book signing in May 2010. Highlights added to her blond locks gave this short hairstyle added depth. Tucking one side behind her ears and allowing the other side to flow down over her forehead and partially cover her right cheek softens the look for a more feminine appeal. Tousling the hair with mousse or light gel should be enough to style this short hairstyle.

Boy Cut

A boy cut is perfect of a very busy individual. You can literally just step out of the shower and wear this hairstyle without heavy styling. A boy cut dries easily. Patting your hair dry with towel is optional. Running your palms on your hair to remove excess water should be enough in most cases. A boy cut is similar to a pixie cut; however, the ears show a little less and there is a bit more hair on the top and front. Donning a boy cut can accentuate your facial features by bringing out your eyes and lips. Tousling and mixing the front bangs will help frame your face.

Cute Redone Bob

A cute redone bob is a shorter version of the classic bob. It is ends at the chin level with the back ending at the nape. It features a longer, layered fringe with slight layers. This hairstyle may require a little bit of upkeep compared with the boy cut, especially if you want to keep it straight and sleek. Using a flat iron will keep it straight, especially on bad hair days. Applying liquid mousse will keep wayward and frizzy hair tamed. Use a paddle brush to keep your hair smooth and shiny. A light-hold hair spray will keep your cuter redone bob from becoming messy.

Messy Short Hairstyle

The messy short hairstyle is quite the opposite of the cute redone bob. It does not require constant brushing. This is an ideal choice if you have wavy or curly hair. Cut your hair at chin or neck level to allow for a little bounce. If you have straight hair, use a 1-inch barrel curling iron to create curls in an unkempt manner. Tousle your hair with styling gel or mousse. Sweep your bangs to the side for added flair.

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